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Dietrich is GREAT school to raise your kids in, everyone is nice to everyone and it has an awesome environment. I wish that Dietrich would put more effort into creating a good music program and putting other opportunities out there for those students who don't participate in sports.
our school is fairly new and in pretty good shape but the heating system sucks. one day one of the classrooms was forty five degrees and the rest were like fiftyfive. our lunches also suck most of the time.
i just hate the cell phone policy. i dont think that they should be allowed to take our phones because they are our personal property.
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i personally prefer the small school setting. it makes me feel more at home and comfortable. i enjoy knowing everybody's names and families.
our school is all about sports, so when it comes to that its great! but thats about the extent of our extracurriculars. we dont have any clubs to choose from or anything so if you don't play sports you kinda just get left out of the loop.
bullying isnt a big deal at our school. there is a lot of teasing, but not much bullying. i feel safe in our school and dont worry much about anything. except when it gets to 50 degrees in our school and they dont let school out. then, i am freezing!
Most are good, but there's a couple I wouldn't miss.
All the policies that are enforced are enforced well. There is no bullying and no druggies. The principal has often changed over the past many years and usually there isn't a guidance councilor, but the other administrative heads fill in really well.
The people here are awesome. Everyone knows everyone and they are all willing to help with whatever they can, especially the teachers. The only real negative thing is the lack of very many extracurricular activities.
There are very few extracurricular opportunities, and of them the athletics is definitely the greater supported side.
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