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Dieterich Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I liked this school because of how small it was. You know everyone extremely well and you can easily talk to anyone. The teachers and staff really care about your success and they do anything they can to help you succeed.
Overall my school was great and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else, but that was mainly based on the people there with me. I wish the school had a better science program (the teacher doesn't really tech, more just tells students answers on tests and shows a lot of favoritism).
There has never been a time when I have felt unsafe.
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We have programs and activities for people of all interests.
Because who does not want to be a Movin' Maroon?
Any time I have a problem, I do not hesitate asking a teacher for help.
Students receive a considerable amount of help from teachers but not as much from the counselor and office staff. The dress code is fairly laid back, girls' shorts have to be a certain length and tank tops with straps of less than 2 inches are not allowed.
Dieterich is such a great high school. All of the students are so close and we all have a bond with our teachers. The teachers and students work hard to succeed and everyone participates in clubs, organizations, and after-school activities.
There is not a whole lot of sports at our school we have only three boys sports and 4 girls sports but we do have quite abit of clubs.
We have a fairly new gym and we just updated the baseball field. the games are very well attended. we don't have a whole lot of sports though.
The academics are good for years we have been one of the best test scores in the area. we have a wide variety of classes to take although we do not have honors classes.
At our school, since it is in such a rural area, you will see some racism, but no one ever acts out on it. Everyone has opinions and you will encounter narrow-minded people anywhere you go in life. Peer-pressure has never really been an issue, and fighting is very rare. New students always feel welcome and invited when they come into our school.
Attendance gets very strict, but it is understandable. Other policies are what you would generally see at any school. Students haven't really had a problem with any!
I like my school. It may not be very big, but that just makes it easier for us to get to know the other students. There are plenty of classes and clubs that you may be interested in. I would choose to go here again.
Dieterich has a few extracurricular activies such as the National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Business Club, Scholarbowl, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, the Dance Team, Volleyball, Softball, Drama, and the FFA
Some of the teachers are pretty good. Most of them do their best to make sure the students understand what is going on. Although, one or two teachers may play favorites. Other than that the teachers are satisfactory.
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