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Dierks High School Reviews

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I have been at Dierks High School and elementary my whole school career. I love this school and all the things that happen here. We have the most school spirit even though our teams seem to be in a slump. This school is a place that I will never forget because it has taught me everything I know. The teacher treat you like family and never skip a beat to help you with anything.
I think that Dierks High School is a very good school, but they push people to go to college too much. College is not for everyone and I think the school doesn't realize that. Also, the school spends too much money on sports and not enough for academics.
The teachers are all very welcoming. They work with all the students, and help you when you need it. The faculty is very nice, and there are two different choices for lunch everyday. Some of the academic areas need improvement; however, overall, it is a really great school.
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It's really safe, and the teachers work really hard to get the most opportunities for the students. It has a really good program, and everyone is really encouraging.
It is fun to be in the clubs. But sometimes I do not like them.
The clubs are fun to get involved with, but they do not have many options or funding opportunities.
The policies weren't too bad except the dress code was a little overdone.
It was a good school, but it is very full of cliques and revolves around sports.
My high school did not thoroughly prepare me for what I have and will have to face and I feel personally like more effort could have been put into it.
The health and safety policies at this school are overall pretty well average based. Not very concerning, but not outstanding either.
The teacher are very friendly and have been around for a while. Everyone of them has there own unique teaching style. Yes, the way they teach does get tiring, but they try hard to make each lesson different than it was the last time it was taught.
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