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Diego Hills Charter School Reviews

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What I like about Diego Hills Charter is that you work at your own pace but you still get your work done in a timely manner. The teachers actually care about you finishing high school and they even encourage you to. It’s a good place to be if you want to work at your own pace.
I worked one on one with an incredible teacher who tried her best to have me accomplish everything I wanted to do. She took her time to help me. I was able to graduate high school on time with everyone else from my previous school despite being 1.2 years behind everyone else.
I love how the teachers are very involved and that the time I went in was based purely on my own schedule. I was glad that I had the opportunity to graduate so early and be able to feel a bond with my classmates and teachers. Diego Hills helped me through my struggles, from taking care of my grandparents to taking care of my siblings. I have attended two other high schools and none of them were quite for me. They were too much pressure and stress. I found my perfect high school when I attended Diego Hills because it less stressful and they do not pressure you as much. I was glad that there were no cliques or groups that would hang out, as that made the students connect more with others.
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When I first went to Diego Hills I transferred from another high school. They immediately got me all the classes I needed, and the support along to finish my classes at my pace. The teachers and Staff are WONDERFUL and so helpful and helped me enroll into the college I currently am in now and graduated with one of their Scholarships. I thank them for everything they have done to help me get to where I am now.
The saftey at the school was good, they have at least one security guard at the door at all times, but health wasn't mentioned much at that school, though they made me take a health class so maybe that is why.
There were activities offered, but I didn't attend any so I can't say.
It was a great school, every staff was very nice and treated me like an adult, or an equal, and the staff never did that at Granite hills the 3 years I attended there. Diego valley charter is a great school.
I only had to go to Diego Valley Charter for a short time. But in the few months i finished up there, I feel like my teacher gave great effort in helping me. There are no classes, you just talk to your teacher one on one, and that helps a lot. He gave 110% effort with me.
Flexible schedule, prepare students for college
Great staff! Very approachable, supportive & always motivating their students!
I have found that all teachers, counselors, and staff are more than happy to help you with as long as you show motivation towards your school work. Since we are so small, we don't have to deal with any bullying, dress-code issues, etc.
Teachers regularly instruct struggling students and consistently push them to do better than their past high school experiences. I've found teachers are sympathetic with personal issues but also challenge you to work at the best of your abilities
Teachers try very hard to make the "normal" high school clubs available like running, band, basketball, cheer, chess, and many more
The school does not offer any breakfast or lunch. So if a student doesn't bring food for that day then either two things happen, first they brought money to buy something from the vending machine, or they will be hungry for the whole time they are here.
What i love about my school is that it is independent studies. Which means that if i finish all my school work of the week on Thursday, then I don't have to come to class on Friday. The principal is really involved in the school. The school offers a program that the principal also attends, so you get to hear the students point of view about a topic and the principals too. That was new to me because in my old school the main reason why people talked to the principal was if they were in trouble.
I was behind in my school work and that is the reason for me attending Diego valley Charter. People believed that it was impossible for me to graduate on time, because of how far behind I was in my credits. The teacher help me personalize my learning pace so i could have the opportunity to graduate. And because of her help and my hard work, I am going to graduate on time! this is my favorite experience here at Diego valley.
When I first began attending Diego Valley Charter I expected it to be boring because it is a charter school and there is not many students that come to class everyday. But as I began coming I really enjoyed the quit classroom environment that this school offers. The class room has about 20 computers, and it also allows me to expand my learning process. My teacher has helped me tremendously in my academics. She has been the best teacher i have ever had all my life! She is nice and really cares about the each students individual needs. Must teachers I had did not make a priority in helping students with there weaker subjects. I am very thankful and grateful for my teacher.
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