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It's a nice place. Especially if you're a nerd like me and somehow end up making friends with the teachers. Great environment, great teachers, and a wonderful place to begin your journey towards graduation.
I've been to plenty of different schools and Dickson High School might be one of the best schools I have ever attended. So many friendly faces and I was welcome with opened arms. Such a small school filled with love and acceptance. This is one of the schools where I can say that everyone is my family. We come together in ways no one would believe. Hand in hand, we grow stronger and try to better and strengthen each other every day. We make a rainy day brighter with a smile and the muddy earth beneath us muddier in the best of ways. We are Dickson Public Schools. We are family.
My experiences at Dickson High School have been both good and bad. The math department is the best academic program that Dickson offers. The teachers go out of their way to make sure each student understands the curriculum. However, the rest of the classes tend to not be like this. The school is currently undergoing all new adminstration.
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It is a very safe place to be. I have rarely ever felt un safe.
We have very many extracurricular activities, and anyone is welcome to join them.
All parents that I know, are completely supportive in everything that we do.
Most of the teachers will bend over backwards for any student that is in need.
No one really cares about anyone else. There are constant fights and suspensions of students because they choose to misbehave. There is prominent bullying. There is not a school nurse to visit. There is one school cop that rides around the campus occasionally. I don't really feel safe here. Just the other day a student brought a gun to school to sell to another student. He was a freshman.
There isn't much to chose from. However the organizations I am involved in I have chosen to put for all my time and energy to really get things going. I am proud of our student council. We all work extremely hard and I would say it's the best things about this school. I'm going to miss it after graduation.
The teachers act like they don't care. They make it known that some are only there to get paid and don't care if you learn the lesson or not. Most of the teachers hate each other and several are ready to retire do to the unfairness.
Over all I feel the school is pretty safe as long as we keep the sexual predator teachers away. Other than that the school is pretty safe. We don't have school nurses. They do somewhat try to keep the bullying under control. Although, I feel that the punishment for bullying should be a little harsher.
This school doesn't offer a lot of extracurricular activities. The principals and superintendent are usually always there. The counselor works two jobs so she's never involved and only help you if she likes you. She has not been the best at doing her job. The only extracurricular activities that kids stay involved in are sports.
I explained my experience mostly in the last review. I will give you some details on what I went through. I trusted my cheer coach. I actually thought a lot of her. Thought she was my friend. She gave me and some of my friends alcohol. From there she started confiding in us about her sex life. We were popular girls that were very involved with our classmates and all the activities. Therefore, we were around all the popular boys. She started having sex with them. She even showed several of us pornographic photos of them. I started trying to figure out ways to get out of this situation. I told my mom and she turned it in. That's when my HELL all began. The school board admitted these types of allegations had been brought to their attention before. They did nothing! the teachers mother was the Superintendent. Next thing we did was go to the local law enforcement. My high school days have never been the same. I was bullied by a group of girls that were still friends with the cheer coach. I had to start missing school to go to court hearings and give statements to local law enforcement. This went on for over a year and a half. She was turned in in August of my sophomore year and court hearings went on until she finally plead guilty and was sentenced in February of my junior year. All this because our administration and school board didn't stand up and fire her when they first heard these allegations that were first bought to their attention in 2011. That's almost two years before I turned her in at age 15. Now, would you want to send your kid there?
I do not feel this is a good school. My sophomore year I turned in my teacher/cheer coach for having sex with students and giving alcohol to them. The school board along with numerous administration and faculty new of this before I was exposed to this woman. None of them turned her in. I was put on the stand at 15 years of age to testify to these allegations. Thanks to these people I've experienced things I should not have had to. The teacher was sentenced and served time in jail. I have struggled through some tough times because of the 1 1/2 years I went through going to court over all of this. I hope the administration and school board members who knew of this and did not report it lose sleep every night because of it. I still manage to have a 3.9 GPA along with finishing 18 hours of college last semester and working an average of 25 hours a week. I'm in my last semester of high school, taking 9 hours in college classes, and still working. I honestly feel I have been robbed of being an honor student do to the rough times I had during the investigation. I would not recommend anyone to this school after all the let me go through. I'm trying to stay focused on ways to pay for my education and move past what I've been through.
Teachers will help you when you ask. The counselor pays attention to every child. Everyone is a big family.
I say it's just okay because we have had different issues come up over the years with my son for whatever reason maybe him not liking school (what kid does) or falling behind the other students learning abilities and like most kids struggling to fit In somewhere? I have been in contact with every teacher and principle and teacher he has ever had, and not one of them has gone above the call of duty to help him, he has just been kind pushed along......just being okay, getting by!
I loved going to school here, even if it was considered the redneck school. Sure it was kind of in the country and mostly white country people went there and maybe it wasn't the top notch rich/nice school, but the people I met there are SUPER! I loved all of my teachers, very friendly and really cared for their students. I have many friendships still active today from this school!
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Not the greatest could use updating.
I never wanted to get in trouble. Most of the administrators were intimidating to me.
It's great if you want it to be great. The teachers are interested if you are interested. They want you to do good, but if you show lack of interest then so will they. If you strive to be better and want to succeed then they will do everything they can to help you.
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