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Dickson County High School Reviews

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Dickson County Highschool is a very nice school. But the school is outdated with heat and air . The some teacher are really understandable but others seem so unorganized. The Administration does not discipline Cacasian students like they so African American students . We have over 30 clubs but they don’t provide a lot of time for clubs . The food is nasty , most of the time it is not done .
Dickson County High School has become more than just a school for me in the past four years. It has become a community. The faculty care about me deeply, and they only want what is best for me. My favorite part about Dickson County High School is its tradition. Homecoming is like no other. Each class spends a whole week making their skits, signs, and floats to be shown in a parade that runs throuhgout the town on homecoming. Little things like students getting pied in the face, slimed on, and teachers going down 25 foot slides happen all year long, and it just adds to the schools fun character. Our school has many clubs for every kind of person. The school is big on doing events and fundraisers to help the community. The school offers many AP and Duel-Enrollment classes. This school is truly just a place like no other and I encourage one to go check it out for oneself.
DCHS is a pretty cool school with mostly great teachers. The only reason this isnt a five start is that some of the teachers of the non honors / AP classes are kinda lacking and aggravating to students. Also a severe lack of school spirit.
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Dickson County High School is an average southern school with a few very interesting qualities. DCHS is rooted in tradition which can be seen in our over the top Homecoming or very rowdy football games. DCHS is also very involved in building up and supporting the surrounding community through fundraisers, bake sales, and other involvement. I believe if you put effort into getting involved, you can have a very emjoyable time at Dickson County High School.
Dickson County High School is a great place to attend. The staff works hard in helping the students prepare for their future. Whether it be college or going out in the workforce. This school is very active in community events and fund raising to help our community.
With one of the highest college dropout rates in tennessee, and one of the lowest college readiness scores in the area, Dickson is not the place for you. This school is rampant with absent teachers, bullying, and poor curriculum planning.
I really appreciated all of the different career-ready classes DCHS has offered me. With staff devoted to helping me succeed, I feel that DCHS has really readied me for my future.
I like the participation of the majority of students and staff in academics and non-academic events. I would like to see a change in the amount of bullying and fights that happen here.
Honestly Dickson County High School is all about whose who. If you don't have a certain last name, who cares. Can easily slip through the cracks and over looked. A lot of she said/he said has happened.
It wasn't horrible but, popular or rich kids where not monitored as much and could do a lot more without getting in trouble. I had a wonderful French teacher but, some teachers were horrible and my grade suffered for it.
Upon coming out at transgender my freshman year, I felt more lukewarmly tolerated (at best) than I did accepted by staff. Impossible to start a GSA here. Meanwhile, FCA is sponsored by the school and the principal will quote the Bible on occasion during morning announcements.
Budget seems more focused on football, projector screens, and flatscreen TVs than current textbooks and computers.
Good counseling department though, great English program (though those teachers are retiring left and right). Most teachers care deeply for their students and do the best they can with what they are given.
The things that I liked about this school was the connection everyone had with
each other. There was so much involvement with the students, teachers, and parents. I would love to go back if I could, because the environment of this school was great. The changes I would like to see is the food that is served. Also, I would like to see the school become more vibrant and fun for not only enjoyment but also education.
The high school is very diverse among teachers and students. The staff is friendly. I would like to see more funding. I would also like for all students to be recognized not just athletes and popular students.
Dickson County High School is a small high school where everyone knows everyone. Most teachers are extremely friendly and are willing to go the extra mile to help you with your studies. The principal is great and is always asking for new ideas to improve the school. Over all I would give Dickson County High school an 8/10!
The school spirit there is like no other. It is one giant family where we all come together to support our school and the education of all of the students within.
Dickson County High School is a surprising school. There is a vocal faculty that boast Dickson County High as a great school. Most of this vocal portion of the faculty are the ones that care--or at least pretend they do--about the success of their students; however, the rest either hate children and got a teaching job because they're masochists or they don't care about the students and only following ridiculous orders to brown nose the not-so-bright-principal.
Dickson county high school is a place where you can be yourself. It's a place where grades are important and out motto is "All In 4 DC" means be all in. Be all you can be.
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I liked how involved I am able to be in Dickson County High School and that I can carry that involvement into my community. I would like to see a change in the amount of testing that is required of the students.
I appreciate that my school supports local organizations by doing fundraiser such as Dance Off in the Den which raises several thousand dollars each year for the Child Advocacy Center. However, I disapprove of the fact that we focus more on athletics than our academics.
English has been great.

Math is a nightmare
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