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Generally a pretty good school. Participates in the Collegiate High School program at College of the Mainland. Only french and spanish offered for LOTE. Great football team and band
The school itself is pretty nice and has great places to roam around but the staff and the principal restricts allot of stuff and divides the students because of safty, it now feels more like a military camp than a school.
I have enjoyed most of highschool, but I ended up doing a college program that DHS offered and it was the best thing I ever did.
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The school is good for students that want to learn and make something for there future. I would like to see the building do some changes like painting and remodeling around the school
The school district is not the the best in the area but everyone in the school system treats one another like family.
I love how the school comes together when football season is here. The entire community basically comes out to the games to cheer on our team and the student section is one of the best by far. I think the school could offer more programs or clubs for kids who need something to do.
What I liked about DHS is I grew up in Dickinson and we only have one high school so you grew up with the same kids. What I would like to see change is I would like to see the district build another high school, the district is growing so fast that the sizes of the schools can't accommodate all the kids.
My experience at Dickinson was good. I had fun with my friends and liked how my class was involved and showed school spirit at any chance we got. I miss it... sometimes. The faculty and staff was don't have any complaints since I never had any issues. Dickinson was strict on things and I liked that cause it made me feel safe.
My experience at Dickinson High School was an average one. Depending on the teacher determined whether or not you'll like the class. The highlights of the school was the AFJROTC program, and the games on Friday nights are exciting. That was my experience with Dickinson High School.
This school works well with different types of students , as in they have a great diversity in classes to fit the students well.
Dickinson High School is a very great and diverse school with good academic but could use improvements on college prep and food.
I liked the fact that I had an hour lunch everyday. The teachers were wonderful and very helpful. I learned so much at this high school, and it prepared me so much for college. If it was not for some of the teachers I had, I would not be the person I am today. I would change the food and nothing else.
I attended Dickinson High School and had a pleasurable experience. There were great teachers, sports, faculty and facility. I am grateful I got the experience my High School years here.
Its a great school. You do struggle herr and there just like in any other school. About 90% of the staff is amazing. Majority of the staff is pretty laid back and awesome. Im glad i had tge opportunity to go there.
When I attended high school at Dickinson I liked that there was diversity within the students. But I believe the district needs more funding. Better teachers and curriculum.
i like the organization of the school. i do believe they could change a few things, like maybe better food and things that could help kids focus better.
I like the diversity of the school and how we all come together as a community to help one another. Due to some affects of this year we’ve become united and care to lend a hand.
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Dickinson High School is a pretty good high school, especially when you compare it to some other schools, though some of the classes tend to get difficult. A massive campus with plenty of classes, lots of students, and a great library. If at all possible though, I wish they would get tastier food, and maybe some teachers that are less strict. But other than that, it's a fine high school to attend!
My experience here has been unbelievable. My teachers I’ve had for the pass 4 years have helped me get ready for college. The staff here has been excellent, getting students to where they need to be and get students ready for graduation. Everything about DHS has gotten me to where I️ am today!
The four years I’ve been to Dickinson High School, I’ve learned that all teachers are very motivating and helpful.
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