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Dickinson High School was a great high school my first two years, the teachers are all overall great except for a select few who I wish would choose more engaging teaching methods as opposed to lecturing all hour. After Sophmore year the influx of new students made the school to overly crowded and hard to get around also a lot of renovations are need for the school as it is getting a but run down. Overall DHS was a great school to go to and I'm going to miss it when I leave.
It is a good experience, but nothing great. There were some things I disagreed with and some teachers that were extremely lazy and unprepared. On the other hand there were some I really enjoyed.
Dickinson High School has the nicest teachers. For being a school in North Dakota, of course it doesn't offer much as the other schools in the nation. It sure does its best to use what we have around us.
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Dickinson High School is a proficient school with mostly good teachers and an average curriculum. One thing I'd like to see change is readiness for college academically.
In my experiences in high school, I have seen plenty of different viewpoints from different facilities. I have worked a little in adminstration as a student aid, and they work very hard, making sure all are treated fairly. The staff and teachers are phenomenal, hard-working, and give their heart and all their willpower into making every student in that school feel helped, wanted, and have all the resources they need not only to succeed in high school, but get prepared for college as well, and even just the little things, like applying to colleges, and getting plenty of scholarships.
Dickinson High School is a pretty old school and with that comes only a few things you can really look forward to other than seeing your friends or your favorite teachers five days a week. I hope for the student next year that Dickinson High will improve on the building structure as there always seems to be a leak in the ceiling as well as providing more classes in the health/medical field since there is only one that fills up quick.
I absolutely love the learning opportunities, the teachers are extremely friendly, and the extracurriculars really bring out the best of what's to offer. I did leave out a star, only because of the rowdy students, but that's to be expected.
The thing I have enjoyed most about Dickinson High School is the abundant amount of outstanding teachers. Just about every teacher I have had or spoken to has been phenomenal, with their teaching skills and honest caring for their students. Not only that, I would prefer to be taught by a teacher who loves their job and easily shows that, and my teachers do. However, if I could change anything about this high school, I would have them change how devoted the school is to sports, rather than clubs or the school structure itself. I believe Dickinson High School spends so much time and money for sports such as football and basketball by building a brand new gym floor and scoreboard, rather than replacing drama curtains that are over ten years old and instruments just as old. Adding to that, we have some holes in our ceilings that have leaks when it rains, which the money from these sports could be covering.
I thought that Dickinson High School provided me with an overall good high school experience. I really enjoyed the block schedule and the variety of classes they provide towards different occupational fields. Dickinson High School faculty was also another thing that made for a good high school experience: they were always open to help students with not only school work but any other things a student may need help with. I wouldn't change much other than the facility itself could be updated and is starting to become crowded with increase to the number of students. One recommendation would be to do the senior presentation that we receive in our economics class right away at the beginning of the school year; I feel I would be more relaxed about all the applications for college if I was provided with this information earlier than at the end of the first semester.
Dickinson high school is a place of challenge and opportunity if you look in the right places. It doesnt have a great curricular but the potiental it has to create a true leader is a hidden secret. It is a great place to get involved and learn to become a leader. It not somewhere to go to get to a high end colloge its a place to go and find your skills and potiental. I would like to see Dickinson high school to become a more organized and less small town minded but still allow challenges to those who ask.
Dickinson was a pretty good school all around. There are a couple things I’d like to to see change are some safety hazards and more classes that will prepare for College.
I like the friends I met ay Dickinson High School, however some parts are falling apart. We are also overcrowded with students, but classes are a nice size and work well.
Dickinson High School is the best school in the entire state. We may not win in too many sports but we have the coolest school environment. The only thing I would like to see change is the attitude of the students not wanting to go to school.
Most of the teachers at Dickinson High School are fantastic. The building itself needs to be upgraded and administration/higher-ups need to work with the teachers and students more.
There are many classes to choose from at Dickinson High School to prepare you for the classes you wish to take in college which is very nice compared to many of the smaller surrounding schools. The only downside is the school is fairly old and it would be nice for students and staff to have more up to date, modern rooms and appliances.
I loved classed and teachers at DHS. Everything is amazing at DHS except for the kids that go there. It is such a hateful school with the kids. The staff is amazinf but the kids make the whole experence worse. The school itself is exceptional.
I only came in sophomore year, but it was a good experience. A very open accepting student body, amazing teachers for the most part. The library is amazing. One that could change, a very small thing is the water fountain by the 400 pod and library.
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There isn't much acceptance at Dickinson High School. Coming from a school with diversity then transitioning to where whites are the majority in a town known for there background in racism really changed my outlook on school. When you are continuously being targeted and dehumanized for the color of your skin or ethnicity for the case it really does affect your ability to learn. Prime example, it's impossible to be postivie and progress in a negative environment, that's what it feels like attending Dickinson High School.
While there aren't a lot of security measures in place, there also isn't a lot of school violence or crime.
For the sake of the few excellent teachers that try at Dickinson High School, I only wish that the rest were anywhere close to as good at teaching or as dedicated to their teaching. A good number of the bad teachers are too distracted in their sports coaching to give the attention classes deserve.
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