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I am currently a student at Dickerson and the teachers are very good much better then any school around here. (mainly Dodgen)
I go here and trust me, this is a prison. All the parents may be happy with grade orientation, but for me it's almost too much. Most of the teachers are good, and they aren't too much trouble. However, the rest of school is trash. If you get B's, then you're considered 'dumb' or people think you need help getting your grades up. We have no way to be kids as we get loads of homework, and the school focuses too much on test grades. The dress code, especially for girls, is stupid. About the only thing that is somewhat fashionable that we are allowed to wear is jeans and a shirt. We can't wear leggings, jeggings, shorts above the knee, etc. Plus, we can't sit where we want to at lunch. There is no way for us to speak out, and we don't get recess.
I learned a lot and all my teachers were very good and taught pretty well. Somebody of the people at Dickerson do some pretty stupid stuff and make bad decisions. But overall I never really noticed those people so my experience was pretty okay.
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The school has great scores, and a small portion of students are very academically inclined. The workload can be heavy. Some teachers are very good while others are not. The school discourages parent involvement but suffers from a bullying problem. The facility is great.
Dickerson Middle School is an okay school. I moved from Michigan to this school and everyone was very welcoming. However, I must say that the student freedom is poor. There is no student council, or anyway for students to be heard. Also the dress code is a little strict for girls and you don't get to sit where you want at lunch. With that being said, I must say that the teachers are amazing. If you need help with a subject, they are always there to guide you. On top of that, they are so kind and they make learning fun with out of the box ideas. In addition, the cafeteria food is meh, (let me warn you that the cheese is gross). In conclusion, the teachers are amazing, the rules are a bit strict, the food is okay, and the people are overall very friendly. It is hard to not make friends at Dickerson Middle School. Trust me... this is a great atmosphere!
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