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I enjoyed hanging out with my friends everyday and how nice most of the teachers were. What I would like to change in Diboll is that they focus more on academics than in sports.
Didnt have that great of a staff but the education was taught very well, helped if you were struggling in any subject, sports were amazing besides the poor sports facilities and the college readiness was not that well. Diversity was awesome every one loved it and had school spirit
The teachers are very informational and willing to help the student better understand the lessons. Even though there is drama, it can be avoided and learned from within all of the schools.
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I like how small the school is and I also like how you know all the people in your graduating class. You get to know all of your teachers, and they are willing to do whatever it takes for you to graduate, however since being in such a small town people tend to start rumors or start drama, guys tend to get mad about one certain girl and all the things that goes on in a big school, but being in a smaller school it makes the issues seem bigger. Overall I would rather go to Diboll High School rather than going to a big school like Houston schools or Dallas schools. I love my small school especially how everyone loves supporting their teams or clubs so much.
Diboll high school is primarily focused on sports, mostly Football, and do not show much care for academics, aside from a few faculty members that actually push their students to be the best that they can.
I like that Diboll is focused on making the students better however they focus more on the sports than anything else.
Diboll High School is your typical small town "everyone knows everyone" type of high school. There is very little to do if you're not with the right people. At the end of the day you can't please everyone. Despite our differences we are a big family and we are always there for each other through thick and thin. I wish Diboll would improve academically by offering more AP classes and difficult material from the start.
Diboll High school could be worse but it could be a whole lot better also. One thing I like about it is that it is a small school so its easy to know what is going on and what to get involved in. One thing I wish they could change is the amount of electives there are. There is not very many which makes it hard to find something just for you.
The thing that is best about Diboll is its size and diversity. The high school has a total of about 400 - 500 students. The teacher to student ratio is one that almost no other school can compare to. Because of the smallness of the school, a student is able to get more experience and develope relationships with the students and staff.
Diboll high school is a very small school and that is one of my favorite things about it. There's is hardly any bullying and basically a safe environment. The rules are no where near strict, they have reason for each and every one of them. They provided us with chrome books so we can take home to work on our school work because there are kids who don't have access to one. There are many other things about this school that are really well but overall it is a great school.
Diboll High School was overall a good school. The staff are very friendly but the academics did not prepare me for anything beyond high school. The students at the school get away with a lot of stuff and do not respect the teachers. This school is not the ideal place to raise your kid. There is a lot of diversity and it is a safe school but the academics is just below average. Some of the teachers are not qualified to teach certain subjects so it is hard to fully learn and grasp the subject. You are not near college ready upon graduation.
I believe that I have gone to the best high school there is. Teachers instructing at Diboll High go above and beyond to extend your knowledge and prepare you for the future. Students also get along very well with our teachers here because they are friendly and always there for you. By providing technology and using real world examples they do all they can. There is tutoring provided before and after school everyday, therefore there is no excuse to be struggling because there is always help waiting for you.
Diboll is okay because the coaches need to stop focus on there sport football, and start paying attention to the other sport because the other sport teams win as well and I'm pretty sure that's how the school makes money. But my favorites are back when I was freshmen and had all my friend and had a great time and I always wanted to come to school for that but now I'm a senior and everyone left and its every boring, I'm left alone.
Most kids do not get recognized for their achievements unless they are in sports.
I really did enjoy that school , the teachers are nice and willing to help no matter what. the consulers are great they are always helping with whatever you need. They prepare you for college, always making sure you stay on top of your study.
The school is okay and the buses are too. The counselors are available to ask them questions about colleges and scholarships as well as personal problems.
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The lunch food is good although there should be more healthy food available. Their fruit is delicious.
The principal is very involved with the education of the students as well as sharing school spirit with them. The teachers are very helpful and provide great education for the students.
I love doing volleyball and band but most of all i love watching my friends do what they do best whether it be on a field or court.
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