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D'Iberville Senior High School Reviews

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D'Iberville High School has provided me the opportunity needed to continue my education at a higher level. I feel that I have been prepared with the academics that I have received thus far. It has been a wonderful High School Experience.
I like that this school goves students the oppurtunity to join a number of clubs. I would like for more funding to go into the arts such as music and theater.
I had an amazing time at Dville! The teachers and staff made it easy for us to feel like one big family!
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What I really like about my high school is most of the teachers. I would like to see changes in the junior/senior prom. Most schools had a really nice prom and the kids are so excited to go, but our prom is dull. We need to work on prom all school year to raise money and go all out for senior memories.
To start, it was a fairly good school. Most of the teachers are involved and will preach about how college will be. They will try their best to get ready for the next experience. They also tell you that education is forever and will always be used. the school itself was a safe place in a good environment, with different cultures and ethnicity, where everyone gets along.
It was very good I had a great time all my four years everyone was cool you had a little drama here and there but everything was good the principals was all good loved each and every one of them and the teachers was very awesome they did there job very good and lunch was ok but it was good. The sports was very good football games was the best time I had on Fridays I a going to miss Fridays but it’s going to be good
My experience at Diberville Highschool was ok. Their are many clubs to join and lots of sports to play. However you have to be really good to be able to be considered on the teams. Most teachers their are amazing from my experience and really treat their students like their own. Disciplinary actions are a little unfair but they do take bad behavior seriously.
I went there for a long time and through out my 4 years I had some really good teachers and then some really bad ones but overall my experience with the school wasn’t to bad.
I went D'Iberville High School from 2009 to 2014. I had very nice teachers but the classes were cramped. They didn't have enough class room space for all the students plus book bags and extra textbooks.
I’ve been going to this school for two years. Bullied since day one. I’ve reported time after time , harassment, kids saying slurs, commenting about my body , even being ganged up on on a bus. Nothing has changed for me . I’ve made three reports this last year on one person because everyone fails to do a thing about it . I was many of the few who also spoke out about how the school really doesn’t do anything about bullying , and was told to delete it. I wouldn’t put my future child in this school or even let them be friends with kids at this school . It is a disgrace and wears a mask with all the posters and stickers.
Very friendly home town school. The entire community supports everything at D'Iberville High School from sporting events to fundraisers. Whenever the school is in need someone always steps up.
I could not imagine spending my 4 years of high school anywhere else. I believe the teaches and coaches are some of the best out there and have not only taught me school subjects but also many important life lessons. I never felt endangered at the school and actually enjoyed being there with my classmates.
The School's staff is not very welcoming. Once you get there, it seems as if all they want to do is to get the day over with. The principal however, was very outgoing and eccentric. The school is very behind on technology. There was barely any use of computers through my 4 years of being there. The teachers were very enforcing of rules which made the learning experience very poor.
I couldn’t have wished for a better high school experience. I wear black and gold proudly. The best part about the school is the students; they set the tone and bring an encouraging atmosphere. Better food quality for future students should be thought about though. Overall, D’iberville is undeniablely a wonderful school to attend .
The majority of the teachers and staff were helpful. Overall I didn’t learn much. The classes involved with D’Iberville were pretty minor classes. Nothing to see fit in the real world. As result, I am finding myself having trouble learning real life situations.
I've had a decent experience at D'Iberville High School. The rules could be a little less strict (No wearing basketball shorts, needing a pass to go to a different classroom before school starts, only allowing mesh or clear bookbags). The teachers were pretty fair and are willing to work with you. The school is lacking with not having clubs and sports that other schools have. The clubs the school offer are friendly and fun, but they are also underfunded. The students and faculty show great school spirit, something that I didn't from other schools. The school does a great job of preparing you for college with it's higher academic courses. The food could be better. Overall the school does the best with what it can do, and it is decent place to attend school.
As a high school junior attending Diberville Senior high school,I would rate it as average. Diberville is academics would probably be the best thing about them. Based on diversity,great staff,food,and parent environment would be the worst part about Diberville.
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I'm currently a senior at D'Iberville High and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I've learned a lot and had teachers that have inspired me to be the best student I can possibly be.
Administration. They have no control over the kids and continually send them back to class when no action is taken to give them what they deserve. The administration does not listen to the teachers at all when there is a student in need.
The only thing I like about Diberville High School are the activity schedule, prep rally, and break. Overall, the school is fun and hard working. Teachers are nice and can be mean at times.
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