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I have went to Dibble Public Schools since Pre-K. I am now a senior at the high school and I've realized some things about this school now that my time here is coming to an end. One thing that I like at Dibble is the SOS week that we have. SOS week is a week where we raise money for someone in our town who needs it. For example, someone who is sick and needs help with medical expenses. It is not just the school, but the whole town that participates in this great cause. A thing I would change at Dibble is the small town school. I'm sure other small town schools have this issue, but this issue is that everyone here will butt-in on your personal life and start unnecessary issues. But over all Dibble is a decent school, with teachers that are willing to help.
Great school , great teachers , great sports , small school, great interaction with teachers , community involvement is strong.
Dibble High School is a small school where everyone knows everyone. To new students it would seem as though you wouldn't fit in but that is wrong because one you are a Dibble Demon always a Demon. They care for the students and it is small enough that almost everyone knows your name within the first week which seems weird but feels kind of nice. Their staff care about their students and about their individual education which is wonderful.
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I love how organized the teachers are here. Their organization reflects on you. You do better in class knowing what you're doing everyday.
Everyone is literally friends with everyone. There is not ONE mean person at this school. There is virtually no bullying. Every one here is just so absolutely amazing.
Family Careers and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Future Farmer's of America (FFA), National Honors Society (NHS), JOM, 4-H, Cheerleading, Football, Baseball, Softball, Track, and Golf.
I've gone to this school my entire life. I feel at home here. It's the perfect learning environment. If I could do it all again, I'd gladly choose this school.
I love this school! It's the best school in the state, in my opinion. All the teachers have a personal connection with the students. They all are passionate in what they do. They give the students all that they need, and them some. I love my school!
The facilities are getting better with additions.
The curriculum is diverse and effective.
Support, coaches, and facilities are decent.
Teachers care about and connect with students.
The counsilor is great, and policies are decent.
The family feeling in my school is outstanding.
The only real important sport is football; the whole town comes out for it. Then it's basketball, other than those, sports don't get much attention. school spirit is decent at football games but that's the only thing people really seemed to get pumped up for.
Our whole school could use an update. If you play sports/and or ride a bus, it's hard to get help. I don't know of any college prep classes or resources, which is sad. It makes me nervous and unprepared.
We don't have as many teachers as we should. I think it's 50/50; some of the teachers do a great job of teaching but then others have a hard time communicating to their students.
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We don't offer a lot of classes. And unless you're in AP classes they aren't that challenging. In my opinion my school is doing a very poor job at preparing us for college.
My school is pretty strict when it comes to dress code. Most of it is understandable, but some of it is just ridiculous. We pretty much got a new administration this year, but they all seem much better than last years.
My school can be very racist, considering we are in the middle of nowhere and it is a small community. With that being said, peer pressure, I think, is increased. Because it is such a small community with not a lot to do, it is easy to fall into peer pressure.
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