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I liked the people that surrounded me at Diamond Ranch. What I would wish to change is the support from staff members.
What I like about Diamond Ranch High School is how the teachers are really involved in seeing all the students off to colleges or universities and are a big help when it comes to needing extra help on a lesson. We have at least 50 clubs and they all range to different genres so that everyone at the school may find and join something that catches their interest.
Diamond Ranch High School was a great public high school. The scenery was beautiful, and the architecture is beautiful. I enjoyed my 4 years in Diamond Ranch because the teachers were all so helpful, and understanding. The faculty is always welcoming and friendly. I believe the school has potential to be more great if it were more diverse. I was one of the Foster Youth in the school who received assistance from resources the school has.
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While there are some teachers that are very active in trying to help the students, other teachers seem like they are just there to be paid and not to actually teach students because they truly enjoy it. As for the facilities, a lot of stuff is outdated, especially for sports such as the weight room. Admin is too strict on the rules, such as dress code and activities allowed at sporting events. Overall, it's really about the friends you make and activities you participate in that make you enjoy the school for more than it actually is.
I loved attending Diamond Ranch . I would encourage students to check out the career center .I think Diamond ranch needs better administrators in the main office .
I would like to see a bigger focus on mental health from administration and faculty. There is no reason why students should not feel supported in an academic setting; it all starts with their mentality. If they don't feel confident or supported then their academics will reflect that. I don't like hearing about cases of bulling from students and they express that administration does nothing about it.
Diamond Ranch is a competitive school, as far as I know, to skip the whole waiting list to be enrolled here you are going to need good grades. Once you are enrolled in DR it's basically like a regular high school however some student here are competitive in academics and in sports. Despite the amazing view, a person gets fro the Diamond Ranch location the Diamond Ranch staff they're like a second family there all nice and will hear you out if you are in any trouble or in a tuff situation. In addition to the staff being supportive and awesome the student as well are very comprehensive Diamond Ranch even has a peer counseling team; so let say a person doesn't feel comfortable talking to a staff they can go to the peer consulting room and ask for help and the people there will gladly help. Overall Diamond Ranch is like a second home for most student and every one here will gladly help you out if you have any questions.
Diamond Ranch is a great school full of diverse students that are always aiming to further their knowledge and education. They serve many opportunities for students to enjoy their time there with their friends or family, many students find it very easy to find information and a place where they can call home.
In my two and half years attending Diamond Ranch I had many experiences that I won't forget. Recently graduating however, I am barely stepping into the world and adulthood, and although the staff at Diamond Ranch does complete their task in teaching and going through the curriculum they fail to teach you about the initial steps into college such as loans, funding as well as other fundamentals.
Diamond Ranch can be summed up in these few words; it is what you make of it. It is very easy to fall behind and get involved in dangerous activities, while earning poor grades. It is also fairly easy to sign up for AP classes and join clubs that do a lot of good around campus. The choice is yours to make. The biggest issue with Diamond Ranch though is the administration. Many things went wrong throughout my time at Diamond Ranch and the administration did little to nothing about it; in fact, most of the time they used their power to hide what occurred from students and especially parents. Overall, Diamond Ranch is a good place to go to school but you have to make sure you stay involved in positive activities and make sure your voice gets heard regarding the things that don't seem just around campus.
Its only been a year and my experience there was amazing. The teachers and counselors/ coaches were friendly and would make a lifelong bond with you and put there valuable time into you without hesitation!
My experience at Diamond Ranch High School was so-so. I had a lot of anxiety which made it hard for me to attend, but I will admit that the school has many opportunities to express and improve yourself.
I liked how over the years the campus has become to be much more diverse and open to other students besides Lobeer Middle School.
I had a great experience at Diamond Ranch Highschool! I have been around the school for about 8 years. Having my sister and brother both being alumni I drove me to be one too. I was an athlete at DR. Playing football at DR is one of the best things I could have ever experienced! The crowd, the faculty and the students are all great people who support anything you do! I have never felt anything but at home by everything and everybody at DR.
For the most part I have enjoyed attending DRHS. The staff have true dedication to teaching students and providing them with the information and wisdom necessary to succeed in the real world. The campus comprises of one of the most unique buildings and structures ever seen in a high school. The view set atop a hill provides amazing scenery that looks gorgeous especially in the winter time. The students at DRHS come from a variety of ethnicities and cultures, teaching us to become more appreciative of other people's backgrounds.
Throughout my four years at Diamond Ranch High School I have experienced many things. My first two years at this school were very fun and I learned a lot of new materials. The school´s atmosphere is some what energetic but majority of the time it is calm. My last two years have been good and I am glad to come here. The staff and administration reasons with you to help you succeed
As a current senior at Diamond Ranch, I believe that this school has adequately prepared me for college, and has put on amazing activities to enhance my high school experience. The black-out rally, senior retreat,senior sunrise, and senior sunset are just a few of the unique events that are hosted here. Although the district we are in may have a more negative connotation, I believe Diamond Ranch exceeds those and has helped open doors to new opportunities through outside organizations such as Bright Prospect and other college readiness programs. The only thing is that the variety of classes and clubs is not as high as other schools in other districts
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Many teachers are truly dedicated to improving education. As a student I was able to take advantage of AP classes and tests offered. The school feels very split between studetns who care and students who don't, This is an advantage for students who excel academically and actually care about their future because it is easier to stand out from the crowd.
To be honest, when I first came to Diamond Ranch, I didn’t think too highly of this school. But, overtime, as I spent more time here, I legitimately started to admire this school. The spirit, the dynamic, the connections all portrayed this unique of life and experience. I know this sounds a bit cliche, but, I really grew to admire this school and am a little sad to have to leave eventually for college. Don’t always believe the stereotypes until you experience the school.
Diamond Ranch was an interesting experience as a high schooler. I enjoyed most of my days there but many of the rules at Diamond Ranch, do not allow the students there to be open-minded and do not allow us to have our own sense of freedom of speech. Although there are a few things that need to be fixed with the school, I enjoyed learning from my failures and I am ready for what life after high school has to offer.
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