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Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School Reviews

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I am currently a High School senior and my experience at Diamond Hill-Jarvis HS has been great because it is a small school and you get along with everyone.
I will be graduating from Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School in June 2019. My experience has been average. There are definitely schools that excel better at certain things that my current school does not. However, the people, faculty, and teachers are the reason I did not transfer. The size helps in attending to student's needs much easier. I've met some of the greatest people in DHJ HS. I do not regret anything. I would give the school a 5 out of 10, but my experience was an 11 out of 10.
I really like jrotc because it helps me become a better person and put myself out there and volunteer to go on college visits and do community service it also gives me good experience that I can use a life time . Sense I joined this program my grades have been higher and my gpa goes up.

what I don't like about this school is there are a lot of judgemental people at this school that judges people before even getting to know them. And I think they should get to know that person before talking bad and the school should change that so people will not get hurt.
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My overall experience was good, had fun, help from teachers and counselor to meet my end of the school year goal. I would love to see more parent involvement in the future.
Diamond Hill Jarvis High-School , is a very small high school with very amazing staff, everyone is very friendly and nice.
My experience at Diamond Hill- Jarvis high school was sturdy because I was in organizations that stay strong with pride. I was in the marching and concert band for four years and I built friendships that love music as much as I do and enjoy what we do in that organization. The Academics here is great, I’m in the National Honor Society (NHS) program which means my GPA is higher than a 3.5 and follow and obey the rules. We have a great soccer team that went up to State which is awesome.
My high school experience at Diamond Hill Jarvis was great and unforgettable. I've always had a teacher who helped me through my courses and when I needed something. What I liked about this school is that there's always new friends to make and it's easy and fun. You're encouraged to participate in activities and carnivals. JROTC is such a great program which is one of the best classes I liked it helped me to become a great leader and responsibility. I don't have anything I'd change about this school. It is great the way it is.
As a freshman i believe i have been incredibly welcomed by this school and its staff members. I have never been ridiculed or insulted by any of the teachers and a majority of the students are nice. A new club created by my friends and I, the GSA, is great and has received a lot of joy even from our minimal members. Many people are supportive of our education, and I, as a student, say i believe i can and will go to college.
It is a nice small school. The administration care for the students and their future. Many of the teachers at school help you with getting ready for college and you are well prepared.
I like how the teachers and staff are all friendly and genuinely care about you and where you are going to after high school.
Diamond-Hill Jarvis Highschool has been quite the experience for me. although I believe high school overall is an experience for all, I've realized just the persona of the school I've been attending for two leading up to 3 years now. The teachers are the absolute most helpful and teach like beasts. The culture in the school is beautiful and is full of diversity and love. I genuinely feel safe when i'm at school and feel like we are all family. Full of friendly people for the most part. Although this school has its beauty I always believe there is a change for all schools. I would like to see more effort to make students ambitious for college and would also like to see more recognization for sports and clubs.
I like how all the teacher are available and willing to help you over work you do not understand. I am amazed by the progrs of choice offered at my school. They give people the opportunity to view different career fields.
My school is little and there is a lot of students. I don't like that my classes are very big and the students can't concentrate. I would like to see a change in my school dress code because the staff is too strict with it.
I mean i didn't see much fights or bullying myself at DH-J everyone was friendly and outgoing. But when there was fights or bullying it was not tolerated at all. I believe this school is safe somewhat because teachers show you they care so does janitors and the lunch ladys.
Today i went to get my laptop at my school and lots of students were involved and helping out, so were the teachers. Students were welcoming the new freshmen. I loved that there were different groups/clubs i actually joined dance and girls inc..
My first year at DH-J was fun most of the time. Teachers were on time except one of them but that's just one. My teachers seemed to know what they are doing and had a fun time teaching the class. The teachers were interested in what the students had to say about what we were learning. The teachers were consistent in communicating with the students Although they were great most of the time they seemed to struggle with grading.
its an okay school.
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Overall my teachers are amazing they give enough information that anyone could follow along and get engaged in the lesson. My teachers are truly awesome and they respect all of their students but they do want the same respect given.
Teachers could make assignments a little more interesting.
the teaching is alright, i learn things at this school, but at some point it just seems boring and not very fun to learn at.
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