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Diamond High School it is in a small town, but the quality of education is engaging. We have small class sizes so the teachers can really work with each student on the things that they are struggling with in the class. The teachers offer afterschool tutoring.
Diamond High School is a good school. Recently with the new principal, we've had more enjoyment in clubs and activities and sports. But I would like to see more student involvement. It seems that kids won't do any kind of service or participation if there isn't a prize which is irritating but nonetheless​ It's been pretty good.
We have a pretty good security system, and I feel like our school is very responsible for taking care of everyone.
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Our school does have quite a bit of extracurricular activities that students can participate in. We have plenty of sports that students can be involved in, as well as different clubs.
I think the amount of parents that attend sport events is great! During football season, we always have a full crowd of cheering parents chanting on the players.
The teachers at Diamond High School, for the most part are great. However, there are some teachers that I feel are not suitable for the job. Most of our teacher will go above and beyond to help a student, and I feel like they really genuinely care about us. Then we have a couple of teachers who I feel do not care as much.
We have to be buzzed in and then we sign in after certain hours. I've never been scared to be at school. I know we'll be safe.
Our extracurricular activities include volleyball, basketball, track, football, softball, baseball, wrestling, NHS, FFA, FCA, DECA, and FTA. Many of our students play sports because they are competitive and fun.
My high school experience has been great. I've loved being apart of the teams I have and being in different organizations. Our school is small so everyone knows everyone, and when there are tough times, despite all our differences, we come together. I would choose my school again because of the people I've met and the things I've accomplished.
Most of our teachers have the ability to teach dual credit classes, and they know what they're talking about.Our teachers care about every student and truly want to help them. They want their students to be successful in every aspect of life.
The extracurricular activities offer great learning experiences for all students.
Diamond is a great school with many supportive teachers, staff workers, parents, etc.
All of the teachers are great and care a lot about their students. They also provide real life examples in their lessons, which is a great way to learn.
The safety of this school is pretty good because of the small communtiy. Bullying is not really done in the school. The nurse is good and she does what she can to help out. Health programs are good. I think this school has a good safety program.
The most popular club is DECA and it is pretty fun club to join. There is always administration support and the support is great. There is not a whole lot of clubs and organizations but it is still good. Commitment is good but students are usually busy with work.
My experience with this school is good. I would go to this school again if i wanted a good edcaution. I wouldn't go to this school if I was stuck up and full of myself. My favorite experience with this school is the students because everyone is nice and cool.
Team performance is very good at this school. Students are always involved in sports and clubs. The fitness program is good, they try their best to keep you in shape. The athletic facilities are great and always full of support.
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The teachers are all great, and they provide great education. The scheduling process is good along with the work. There is no popular classes and if there is, it is probably because of the teacher. The studing is good and they give an 30 min class of just working and studing.
They food at Diamond is not the best, but it is okay. Although they food can sometimes be quiet disgusting too. Students get to bring in their own food though, which is good enough for some of them.
The rules at my school is actually pretty strict. The policies do affect parents and students because of the small communtiy we leave in. So every usually hears about it.
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