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Diamond Fork Junior High School Reviews

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The principal tries to do what is best for all the students and teachers. The principal is always trying to challenge the students to do their best academically, she also rewards the students for their great work. She doesn't just bring rewards around but she has fun assembly's to reward us. Sometime her rewards are dance offs against other teachers. The teachers and principal try to keep academic scores up while still trying to allow the students to have fun in class. One thing that I believe could be improved is how clean the bathrooms are. The students are the cause of other problems like bullying and breaking dress code. Otherwise the school is a great place to be, all the teachers are kind and fair to all students.
Diamond fork has amazing and talented teachers. The principal has also been pretty good. My favorite staff members are the office secretaries, they are amazing. The only problem I have had at that school are the other students. They aren't very respectful or nice to teachers and substitutes. But they can be.
I don't know too much about, but I think it is pretty good.
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I don't participate in them myself currently, besides NJHS. The H4 clubs are fun and cheap and there is a huge variety each year.
There are many great teachers here with lots of years of experience. They have a good variety of fine art classes and classes in general. They have honor classes and advanced for students who want it to be more challenging. They have a good rewards program for keeping grades and citizenship up. So I would choose it again.
The lessons are fun and engaging. Teachers are open to question and more in-depth explanations. The honor teachers challenge us at a good level. They are easy to approach or talk to.
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