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My school is rather bland when it comes to races. It is mostly asian and is extremely competitive. I will give it four stars because of the amount of effort the teachers put in their class (when you get versatile teachers) since a lot of the ones I have had are exceptional and well-versed in what we are learning.
Diamond Bar High School has many opportunities for students to express themselves and they encourage to speak up about different ideas to better mental health and relationships. There is a Wellness Center for students to go to for support in issues they are dealing with in their life and the staff really cares for students as individuals. Things that could use work is the pressure of maintaining a good academic life. Being a top academic school in Southern California, the workload and expectations put on the students can be too much.
I see nothing they would need to change. Compared to other public high schools, diamond bar high school is pretty nice compared to most
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Diamond Bar HS is an extremely motivated environment, where many students actively immerse themselves in a number of activities and higher-level courses. The teachers are just as dedicated. Most teachers are aware of the self-directed school culture and try to add entertainment into their lessons, drawing in the students' attention. Although the sports on campus don't receive much attention, the sports team put in their utmost effort as well.
Like what someone else said. It's pretty competitive and cutthroat. Bad if you want to achieve something in the world; good if all you want to do is hide in the corner. Our French and history department is good. I've had several bad math teachers and decent science ones. I've had about two teachers each year that have made me view the world differently w/ engaging activities. If you struggle in classes people will say they're always around to help, however, it's hard to find the type of one on one help that you need. It isn't uncommon for kids to go to Lee's tutoring, a few thousand dollars for misc activities, and driving privileges. There are a lot of filler clubs you can join and many of the leadership positions emphasize dedication. It's still very much focused on test scores and colleges. It's a large school = competing for opportunities. However, it's certainly the best local HS in the area next to Troy.
Entering freshman year, I didn't know what to expect. I'm glad that I immersed myself with various clubs and organizations, and I was able to find what I love doing. I had many teachers who actually cared and taught the class, as well as some who did not do a thing. I feel like I learned the most in calculus, as DBHS has brilliant math teachers. The one thing I dislike is the school culture: each student wants to be the best and the mentality rubs off on almost everyone. Most students are so concentrated on getting that "A" grade, and forget who they are by the time they are seniors. Now as a senior, many of my friends are concerned about what college they will be accepted to. Some don't want to share where they are applying to and fear what college they will end up in because they will be seen and judged as not "good enough." This mentality needs to change. Students should focus on self-improvement, rather than self-promotion.
Diamond Bar High has been my home for the past 4 years of my life. My teammates have become my family and the campus is an enjoyable place to be. The students are all well connected and school spirit is great. The academic part of the school is very competitive and stressful but the school offers support. Mental health is well taken care of and taught around campus. The support system of the Wellness Center is amazing and always feels safe.
Diamond Bar High School has a very competitive atmosphere. The teachers really do their best to make sure all students have an equal opportunity to learn and always have a chance to ask personalized questions. As a student, one can expect the administration to be there for support and student success.
I liked how DBHS got you ready for college and pushed you for academic success. I feel it could be improved by providing more student activities that support creativity. Art classes don’t receive funding.
This school provides many opportunities to grow and reach every student's full potential. It has many very rigorous academic programs, so every student is expected to study hard.
I like its academic program including AP and other challenging classes. The school has various options for clubs and activities. I personally enjoy the band and orchestra program. Most of the teachers are engaging and thoughtful. The resources are abundant through counselors, teachers, and other staff.
Diamond bar high is a terrific place for academics and college readiness. Two years into college, I don't have as much as a hard time with my courses, and I believe it's because I became accustomed to the difficulty of the courses from DBHS. However, the social culture, clubs and friendliness in general is not so great. It definitely wasn't a fun high school experience for me. Academics are great, but be ready for you or your child to truly have a hard time intrapersonally.
Rigorous Courses that help with College Preparedness
Very Helpful GLCs and Staff
Needs more T in STEM
Amazing school with a variety of programs that helped get students ready for college and the world beyond.
While I've enjoyed my experience at Diamond Bar High School, the environment is extremely competitive, which is not the most conducive for all students. Many of the teachers that I've had show a passion for the subject matter that they teach. However, there are a few whose lack of enthusiasm about their own class makes it difficult to keep yourself engaged. Despite the lack of diversity, DBHS has an abundance of clubs, organizations, sports teams, etc. that make it easy to find your niche and stay interested in your education. The administration is easily accessible to all students, and they make it a point to answer any concerns that students may have.
Diamond Bar Highschool is a very competitive high school with a good mix of students. Most students and teachers are very hard working and care about the quality of learning we receive. Furthermore, we have a Peer Counseling group and a Wellness center to help students relax and release. However, most students and teachers don't get as much sleep as they probably should because of how competitive we are.
Sports-wise, we aren't the best, but in recent years our swimming team has gotten a lot better. We also have many phenomenal arts programs, however, because the funding goes to the STEM and Sports programs, they have to raise their own funds through performances.
There are many clubs that students can take part in, during and after school, and some students can have a 0 period.
The buildings are very nice, and are currently being rebuilt so they are state of the art, however, bathrooms are lacking considering how many students we have.
As competitive as the school is, Diamond Bar High School has helped me form a strong, academic foundation.
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DBHS prepares and supports all students in pursuing higher education. It offers a variety of AP classes, sports, and club activities to encourage students to be well-rounded and to find their passions.
My experience with Diamond Bar was very challenging and fulfilling, being challenged academically and mentally to my fullest capacity.
School had excellent academic rigor, extracurricular opportunities, and utilization of technology. Most educational aspects felt very up to date, but had strange allocation of resources. It seemed ironic that we had carts full of laptops while the band door was missing a door handle for several months, or bathrooms were very low quality. Most teachers put thought and creativity into their lesson plans and actively tried to engage students with few reading off powerpoint slides and depending on rote memorization. Music program was amazing and really strived to achieve top quality performance and practice. USB events were mostly beneficial but some were trite and expensive.
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