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Diamond Bar High School is a great place where I have met many of my friends. However, I would like to see different cultures celebrated throughout the year. From the past three years of going to this school, I believe there was a culture week once and feel that there should be more culture appreciation. I also believe that all sports should be given the same amount of appreciation, not just certain ones.
Diamond Bar High School was a very competitive, academically focused school. While there is an incentive to work harder, it also creates incentive to cheating and a lack of integrity within the school system. Especially during this past year, my senior year, cheating became more and more prevalent within the classes I took and the entirety of the class had to pay the price. Overall however, the school has decent teachers, definitely has many extracurricular programs to take part in, and is an extremely safe school. The last thing I would have liked to see is more emphasis on college preparation and readiness for applying and life in college. Though there was the occasional meeting to inform students about deadlines, there never was a guide on how to properly apply to colleges like the UC's and because of that, I feel like I might have missed on some early opportunities and deadlines due to not being guided by our school.
I enjoy the extracurricular activities the school has to offer. They are open to starting new clubs and finding resources for students to develop interests.
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DBHS seems like a great school as far as academics go because the test scores are shown to be so high. There are so many student who have personal tutors which is what is giving them such high test scores and not everybody has the money to pay for tutors. From my experience, in reality there are so many teachers who don’t teach and expect student to teach themselves. When us students tend to ask for help teachers don’t necessarily know what they’re doing. Many people and teachers may be nice but the teaching skills just aren’t so great.
It is a challenging school that requires you to compete against other well rounded students. But this school has plenty of opportunities and options that you can choose from and one of the most diverse campuses I have ever been in. I enjoyed not only the challenges I faced in this high school, but the many amazing teachers and staff I got to know.
Diamond Bar High School is an extreme academically rigorous school. It offers lots of opportunities for higher learning, but the atmosphere is very competitive.
Diamond Bar High is a well rounded, student oriented school. The competitive spirit could be overwhelming at times, but it drove me to be a better student. The staff go to amazing lengths to make sure students have access to the resources and information they need. Although it could be frustrating trying to live up to such high expectations all the time, it is those expectations that pushed me to work harder than I ever had before, and to take risks that I wouldn't have taken otherwise.
Diamond Bar High School has an overall competitive drive installed in its students. They strive to learn and they strive to deliver the best results, for them and their school. However, as good as Diamond Bar is, they also provide an overly competitive atmosphere, causing students to turn on their own friends because of an achievement or a difference in academic grades.
I’ve had an overall ok experience. There are plenty of teachers who do their job well and really care about the students they’re teaching, and there are those who count on students to self study. Diamond bar has a pretty toxic environment overall, as students are extremely competitive and willing to do a lot of things in order to get themselves ahead.
Diamond Bar High School helped me build my study habits because there was constantly competition around me to be better. At times, it got overwhelming with the pressure to constantly take as many APs and Honors classes as possible, but overall, it made me a stronger student and I feel college ready. The culture could be toxic at times, but if you find the right friends, it should be fine. The STEM programs and performing arts programs here are excellent, and the faculty cares a lot about their students. Parents and administration are also highly involved in everything. The campus is beautiful and doesn't feel suffocating, like many indoor schools. Overall, love this school.
Diamond Bar High School has extremely attentive and involved staff and the teachers and counselors are genuinely invested in the education of the students and often go far beyond what they are required to do. There are also an abundance of job opportunities, internships, and extracurriculars that the high school offers or can connect students with. The academic rigor is also very high, though this often causes a lot of pressure or competitiveness among students. The programs offered at the school, inclusive of the Music Program, Brahma Tech, and IB are all very good programs that push students to be the best they can be.
Diamond Bar High School is a very intellecutual school where in general both kids and teachers tend to aim to get the best they can.
Diamond Bar has many great extracurricular activities and events to be a part of. Students are generally friendly and welcoming with good school spirit. Additionally, the academic environment is challenging and stimulating.
Diamond Bar High School is a very rigorous and competitive school that is very STEM-oriented. The music program here is good and so is the quality of the learning that students get. Overall, this is a pretty good school to go to that prepares students pretty well for the future.
The school spirit here is great! Usually about half of the school participates in spirit days and our rallies are super fun. There are a lot of clubs to get involved with that are all very active, as well as sports to join. One thing I would like to see improve is that some of the sports programs care little for their students. The music program here is AMAZING I was a part of it for four years and I have no regrets. They are extremely supportive of your other activities (for example I was a "scholar athlete" and they were very understanding of the schedule conflicts)
I think that Diamond Bar High School has a lot to offer for students. We are a very diverse school and everyone is welcome. There is a lot of clubs, events and leadership opportunities that are available for every student. Most of the AP teachers work their butt off to provide the best academic experience for their students. However, I would greatly appreciate renovations to the foreign language buildings because the classrooms are small.
Too many toxic peer competition that will definitely bring you down, and the teachers also vary from amazing to downright garbage, that means going there you'll be pushed a lot higher than you normal everyday high school, so i guess that's a plus?
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There are many opportunities at this school. I love the way they prepare you for college. I was able to fit in with the people in the class. The counselors are very helpful. The activities are well planned and fun.
Teachers are wonderful and insightful. Teachers and counselors there provide many opportunities for students. The school provides a safe and peaceful environment for everyone.
Not a lot of diversity or preparation for college. Teachers were average. The students were extremely competitive which placed Diamond Bar High School among the top in the state.
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