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D'hanis is a school of high ranking in our area, but I would like to see more involvement from the Superintendent and less turnover of teachers every year.
I like how friendly everyone is. Most of the teachers are wonderful and enjoy their job and teaching students. The school does not address what happens after graduating high school. The teachers sometimes judge students depending on their previous actions. Overall I had a great high school experience and i am excited to finally move on in my life.
It's ok for a small school.
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Standard teaching methods are used.
The athletic program is the best. The coaches push you, but not past the point where you cant do anything. They're very encouraging, but not negative. We also have UIL, One Act Play, Student Council, etc. Every group is wonderful.
My favorite things about this school include the pep rallies for football games, the athletic program, and the staff. The staff make it worth it. They are amazing in every way. They help when you least expect it, they know when somethings wrong and make things better.
The teachers here are super great. They help if students are struggling and offer outside of class tutoring. They teach really well and are easy to understand. They grade fairly and are extremely good communicators. I think these teachers are the best and deserve more than to teach at a high school.
Bullying is always a problem
The teachers are very personal making the teaching more effective. This is a result of the smallness of the school.
Bullying is a problem and dress code is ridiculously strict.
Sports are taken very seriously at this school.
As far as academics, this school is one of the tops in the state. It's nice because the school is so small so you literally have every single staff member as a teacher before you graduate and you see them on a daily and yearly bases so you get to know them very well. In regards to the student life, coming from my own personal experience, bullying is a huge problem; move verbally and emotionally than physically. For the 6 years I was there, my fellow students were not sensitive towards anyone's feelings older or younger. It was a constant every day battle to try to be accepted and it didn't get any better as the years led towards graduation.
Most of the community does not like the principal.
Most extracurriculars are just sports.
Some teachers are highly intelligent, others are not.
A bombardment of useless things to memorize.
Teachers are average, alcohol problem with students.
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Being from a small town the support is incredible.
Our guidance counselor isn't very helpful or approachable. Many students dread going to her office for help. Parents are very involved with the students and their extracurricular activities.
Not many people like our principal, he comes off rude to the teachers as well as the students. Our school counselor does little to nothing to help the students. She pretty much refuses to help the seniors with anything involving college. We have been left to figure it out for ourselves when it comes to applying for college, to applying for scholarships.
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