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D.H. Conley High School Reviews

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The school is great at what it is supposed to be meant for: college prep. The lack of space for the students is mainly what is holding the school back. It excels in academics and sports, has great staff, but simply overcrowded.
I have personally enjoyed my time while attending this school.MOST of the staff are nice and ready to help you in any way.This school provides unlimited resources to prepare you for college.
D.H. Conley is a pretty typical public school. They have some faculty that go above and beyond to help their students, and some that are just there for the job. Overall the school is safe, the education is pretty good and the athletic aspect is engaging. They are pretty strict on the dress code, which was frustrating and shopping for polos without logos and finding the right color "khaki" makes you want to pull your hair out, but it was definitely one of the best public schools in Greenville.
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The school was great and I managed to make it through high school without failing a class. Most of the teachers were kind and the school was well protected.
D.H Conley has a large array of classes available for students to take. However, there is not a lot of guidance for young students which can make the process of choosing classes difficult for them. The guidance counselors are either not available in their office or they don't complete their tasks when needed.
I believe that the teachers were good and really tried, I think their extracurricular activities could of been better.
As most of my friends and I would say, the biggest reason we would miss our high schools was for the friendships we made. Well it was fun to be with friends it wasn't really tolerated. So many strict rules about to always keep quite, only time we ever talked was in clubs, sports, sometimes lunch, and group projects. Also the dress code was super strict as well and many students including myself didn't like having to buy weird and odd feeling uniforms. But what I can say is that at least the teachers cared and were compassionate, most of my teachers made me laugh and always helped me when I needed it. I really couldn't ask for more perfect teachers than these hard working ones. In closing they need to relax on the rules and let students express themselves a little. Also to let students be more social because its this very reason we never talk to each other anymore and we constantly have are faces in our phones.
I first got to D. H. Conley as a sophomore. I transferred from J. H. Rose after my mom and step-dad moved. It was certainly a better environment than Rose had been. There was less violence but the policies were stricter. Most of the school is white country people. I would like for more of the after-school programs to get more funding. For example, if marching band got more funding then more students would be able to participate in it and it would boost our school when it comes to performance art.
During my Junior year of high school I transferred over to D. H. Conley and was welcomed with open arms. The school has expanded over the years and this accommodates all the activities the students might have in mind. The school is very open to students, both mind and spirit. There is always a school official waiting to help anyone who needs it.
I attended DH Conley High School my entire 4 years and it was a good experience for me. I enjoyed high school with playing sports, joining clubs and meeting new friends. When it came to applying for college and preparing for the act/sat I feel my school was lacking. I felt very unprepared for these tests that can alter whether you get in to your dream school or not. I want DH Conley to have a act/sat prep class for juniors and seniors to prepare for the test. That way students realize its importance and feel prepared for test day.
I would love for the administrators to care more about all the students instead of a select few. I like how we have sheriffs on campus almost all the time. Most teachers are good and they listen to what you have to say.
D. H. Conley was a great school because it offered College preparation classes, and the counselors work close with your to make sure you had what was needed to attended the school of your choice. I would love to see new additions to the building in order to make it a larger school.
D.H. Conley is a great atmosphere. As a student however, one thing that I would like to see changed are the uniforms. Being called out of class because you are not wearing the right colored shirt or you have a sweatshirt on because it is cold is uncalled for. Students miss so much class time because of the uniform policy. Parents are also forced to spend hundreds of dollars on new uniforms every year because the ones from the previous year do not fit anymore. This can take a large toll on the low-income families in Pitt County.
D.H. Conley High School is a wonderful school. The teachers are all willing to help the kids and really want to see them succeed. The sports program is great. Athletes have garnered attention in several sports from college coaches. Also the senior counselor is very involved in helping these students get what they need to move forward after high school to their next level.
DH Conley has great teachers. They could add a few more AP classes, and be a little cleaner. Their are amazing clubs and opportunities.
DH Conley was a nice school, but could have made a lot of improvements with teachers and food. I ended up doing dual enrollment at the local community college so I didn’t have to actually go to school. However, the sports and student body is great.
Being a student at Conley has been incredible. All the teachers are super helpful and they do their best to help you succeed. And on game days, you feel all the positive energy. The students are easy to get along with and you can quickly make friends. Within my time at Conley, I have met incredible people and made many amazing freinds. My time at Conley will definitely be one to remember!
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It was an alright experience. Theatre was the main reason I stayed sane through it all. A lot of the other students stayed in their own cliques, like something from a cheesy high school based movie.
I have witnessed inappropriate teacher-student relationships that impact teachers. Teachers at my high school also rely on computers to teach students rather than themselves.
Overall my experience at DH Conley was a positive one. I was in marching band all 4 years and the drum major my senior year. I wish the school had more classes to offer that would have better prepared me for college in my specific career choice of electrical engineering. I had to choose between some classes I wanted to take because they could not be worked into my schedule for the times that they are offered. Administration was not very interested in the Arts and placed more importance on athletics. I can't ever remember seeing my principal at a single band competition but was at many, if not all, of the football games. Plus, the athletic department was where the school resources seemed to be mostly allocated.
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