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I went to destiny all of my academic career. It claims to be a college prep school, and honestly, it wasn't. I am a smart girl and I was able to figure everything out in college, but others in my class are struggling. I was not challenged in high school. I went to college and was offered a culture shock. I love the teachers, but the administrators are not good. They do not have your best interest in mind. They are money-sucking people. Do what you want with your children, but know that the administration will trouble you. The teachers are 10000% of the best teachers and people I have met.
My school is a very small school but also big for many private schools within the state of Oklahoma. They taught me the importance of kindness and how to have someone’s back when push comes to shove. You never truly learn who is on your side till something big happens but if something ever happened to one of the students within this school, everyone would be than willing to help. This school taught me the importance of the Bible. What it means and to not pull the verses or lessons of the Bible out of context. When you pull them out of context, you are twisting the very truth of the message. In return, it hurts the people who are being taught it. This school inpacted my life and forever will I use it to impact the lives of others.
I love the teachers and other staff members here. They genuinely care about the well being and future of their students. The only thing I would change is to have more after school activities so students can be more involved with the school if they don't play music or sports.
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I have been at Destiny for 15 years and really enjoy it. It is a family atmosphere, upper classmen know the little kids and even help coach them for soccer and basketball.
Destiny has been an amazing experience for all of my children. My kids have attended DCS since K4 and are now entering Junior high and High School. The teachers and admin are wonderful to work with and truly care about all the kids.
I would like to see a more disciplined structure in the classrooms. I understand the supportive environment they provide but, it is not indicative of the real world. Students will need a focused mental fortitude outside of Destiny to be successful. With parents help coupled with school support, it is a plausible goal.
I wish our administration saw the favoritism for some students as compared to other students that may not be as athletic or as smart as other students. The education is sub-par and not challenging enough, however there are great teachers, but the students are not driven enough to allow a completely challenging experience.
It was pretty alright they have a great educational system. I’d the lunch to change to better food I guess.
My experience has been good, I've been here for about seven years now. There are some kids who get more attention then others, but other than that its pretty good. The teachers are okay, I'd just switch some teachers around to certain places in the school. There are just a few things I'd love to change about my school, they would be the uniform rule, us being able to have off campus lunch and for us to have our phones. The reasons why i would change those is so that we could get a full experience of high school.
Its my first year here, its also my Senior year in High School so far its been great also challenging which is something I really needed to have in my life. Destiny offers a lot more then public schools.
i have been attending Destiny for 13 years and its all i know and i am grateful for the experience. As a young girl i went to a small christian daycare then as soon as i was ready for school i came to Destiny. My mother wanted the best education for me and she knew this was the best choice. Although she struggled a single mother she still did amazing to put me through this school.
I'm been educated by one the finest private schools in Oklahoma City Metro Area. This is a family friendly environment when you are here, I've been at this school for 13 years, and I've seen the changes of the school in a great way!
I arrived at DCS in the Seventh Grade and will be graduating this May. I was quickly accepted here despite being a part of a military family. The administration and teachers are very loving and care deeply for the students.
It’s a fun school I enjoy the activities and some classes. Fun loving student body. Good size classes. Small and easy to get to know people and make friends
Destiny is where your passion and dream started. Everyone here will inspired you to protrude forward for better dream or opportunity . There are some flaws, though those flaws can be cover up with really nice teacher and lesson that will impact a person for a lifetime
The teachers are very hands on and make sure you understand the material. they prepare you very well for the tests and for life in general.
My son is a 4K student, who absolutely love his class and his teachers. He is actually having a better yr than last. I trust the staff and the process.
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Have been involved with this great school for many years and have found the consistency of the administration, faculty and staff to be incredible! Teachers & coaches truly care about the students and teach them to think for themselves and fulfill their place in the world. They offer a broad spectrum of sports, fine arts and other activities, and there is a large percentage of alumni who bring their kids back to Destiny. It truly is a wonderful family atmosphere in which to train your children.
I started going to DCS when I was in fourth grade and I graduated from DCS a couple weeks ago. DCS is my home. The teachers are amazing and truly do care about you. I would send my future kids to this school because I know they will have a wonderful Christian foundation that is needed to really succeed in life. I will forever be grateful for the teachers and staff there.
Destiny Christian is a school that teaches everyone to be independent thinkers and to achieve their goals with a hard work ethic. It gave me the confidence to speak in front of others and voice my opinions in what I believe is right. They give you the opportunity to participate in many different sports which includes; volleyball, basketball, track, golf, softball, and baseball. Lastly, the teachers at Destiny truly care about the students and their education.
I would like to see Destiny offer a larger variety of classes and clubs to the students. I would also like the option to be more involved in community service through the school.
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