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My experiences at desert oasis high school is one i will never forget. All the memories I have made there even if they were good or bad. My favorite thing about Desert oasis high school is that the teachers are not just there to teach you about the subject you are learning in there class but they help prepare you for life. One thing i would like to see change is is a little bit more school spirit when it comes to the schools sport events.
Desert Oasis is a decent school. The teachers and staff are very friendly and they deeply care for the students. However, there are several fights and threats. Sometimes I don't feel safe at school. On the bright side, they offer many fun classes and I enjoy attending Desert Oasis.
I like the teachers and I feel like they really care but the higher up administrators sometimes feel like they aren’t thinking of us as students when making big decisions.
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Desert Oasis fosters a welcoming environment for students of different cultures and identities. Compared to other schools I've attended here (believe me, I've attended a lot), this one is definitely Top 3. The staff are endlessly helpful despite being on-the-go 24/7, and the students are helpful, respectful, and eager to learn so long as all of those things are reciprocated. Desert Oasis admires artistic talent and is always holding interactive events for students, staff, and families. My only complaints about this school are the facilities and quality of learning. The water fountains are a tragedy, but they have vending machines if you don't want to ingest whatever mysteries lurk in the water pipes. Many of the bathrooms have been vandalized and many desks, sinks, and other supplies are broken. Now that I say this, that Top 3 ranking probably looks really sad. Thankfully, DO's upsides outweigh its downsides, in my opinion.
At Desert Oasis High School, I know which people are motivated by money and which are not. I have had some teachers that I can tell absolutely love teaching and want to help us kids grow and develop. However, on the other hand, the administration has so many rules that are meant to only make them money.
At Desert Oasis, as a student, I have received the support and academic resources to be able to achieve my goals beyond high school. My teachers have always offered me the tools to do my best in their classes, and they've always pushed for greatness and anything and everything close to perfection. My counselors have done their best to supply me with information I needed to figure out how to apply for financial aid and when to start applying. They've also been there for me for my college questions. At my school our performing arts program is top notch, and I've been granted the opportunity to participate in it for all four years of high school. Through the choral program I've learned so many things, not just about how to sing or basic music theory. I've learned what true friendship is, I've learned how to be strong, and most importantly I've learned what leadership is.
What I love about desert oasis is that the teachers goal is to get you to graduate and they really stand by that they will do what ever it takes to get you to graduate as long as your putting in the effort
The experience was what I expected of any high school. The education aspect was excellent and definitely got me prepared for college. The only thing I would really change would be the process of meeting with counselors regarding anything about a student.
Desert Oasis is a really good school. I've had great teachers and the staff members have been great. It's a great school for basketball players.
Its not good, it's not bad, but it could've been worse. Not a lot of pros come off the top of my head, instead; a lot of cons. One con is the start time of the school. Sure it ends early in the day, but starting so early in the day affects majority of the students. The average person's brain doesn't 100% function til around brunch time. We have to get up at 5 to barely make it to school before the traffic starts. Even then we can't make it in time.
Some things I liked about Desert Oasis High School is the diversity and the dedication our Student Council has. The Student Council program is an extremely dedicated group of students that truly love their school, and even the most uninvolved student couldn't help but smile as they gaze around the school, filled with colorful posters, banners, and streamers that announce information on school dances, club activities, and events. As well as that, the diversity among the student body is one to be marveled at. On a similar note, there really is very few instances of bullying, aggression, and poking fun at students. Though, on the other hand, fights are common, teachers have little control of their classes and make minimal effort to do so, and we severely lack resources in funding science equipment, performing arts, and updated textbooks.
I enjoyed the atmosphere provided by teachers and staff who made the school an enjoyable place to be at.
Over all it is a really good school and has really great teachers, just that there isn't that much safety in the fact that there are some fights that go on and not that many administration to stop it quickly
Desert Oasis was a standard high school. What made it stand apart, at least for the Honor and AP classes, was the teachers' desire to see the students succeed.
Desert Oasis is the all American high school experience. You get the thrill and joy of being ablate meet new people and create everlasting relationships with a diverse range of students. Beyond that, there are amazing programs that one can join once attending.
I liked some of the people I have met at this school; there are a handful of great teachers too, especially in the English department. Also, the school was very lenient about their rules. However, this had many backlash; there were so many cases of fighting/bullying going on at this school. Also, I feel as though there was not enough education about opportunities for students attending for their future. There was also a handful of teachers/staff that were incompetent and rude to their students.
I’m a current High School Senior and I’ve had a great time with great teachers, class sizes, and opportunities.
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During my time at Desert Oasis high school and can say that it is a very good school. Most of the teachers are excellent and are very involved with their students. It is a very welcoming environment and all the school activities/ clubs are very inclusive. If there is one thing I could change about this school is the way their lunch schedule has changed from last year to this year. I think second lunch should be after 8th period and should be mainly given to juniors and seniors so that they have the opportunity to leave during lunch and go home early.
It's a good school but there changes and rules that need to be changed. like we have to wear badges and certain dress codes and policies
I absolutely love my high school. The teachers are caring and helpful. They make sure, along with the councilors, that every student is college prepared.
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