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No thanks I do not want to write a review about my school. My school name is Derry Area Senior High School.
It’s a very good school if you want to go to college and get that extra amount of credits in with Duel Enrollment. But they do very little about bullying and have treated my friend as nothing when she was getting made fun of for being Mexican.
I have just moved to Derry Area Senior Highschool and my experience has been mixed. A majority of the teachers are wonderful and make class fun, however, the focus on sports, lack of diversity, and bro culture is very hard to deal with from where I am from.
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The teachers are all really nice and the classes are fun most of the time. Other classes are filled with rude and ignorant people.
I loved my experience at Derry Area High School. It is a fairly small school, so it feels really personal. They provide opportunities for students with all different types of interests to be a part of something, and the teachers really care about their students. For a small town school, it is a great one.
My school is a place where everyone is welcome and can be involved. Students come together and the community does as well. It is a happy place to be and I enjoy it.
Derry Area Senior High School offers many opportunities to get involved. I am in many clubs in my community. Something I would like to see change is more diversity i the school.
I like that Derry Area's faculty go above and beyond for their students. What i would like to see change is more kids trying and wanting to learn.
Derry Area High School is a great school to be involved in, there are so many different clubs and activities. The teachers really strive to prepare and educate students to the best of their ability. However, too much importance can be placed on standardized tests.
I moved to Derry Area my senior year. I made so many friends and really felt welcomed. I am excited to go to school everyday. The teachers really care about you and your future.
I somewhat enjoy Derry Area Senior High School. Although the school has some things they can work on for a better student life, they stay up to date with many things and worry more about our education which is something a High School should do.
The students interact pretty well together. The teachers are very helpful and very supportive. The guidance office staff and office staff along with the principal and vice principal are always there for whatever it is students need. The only thing that needs changed and cracked down on some more would be the bullying and rumors between students.
I enjoyed going to Derry Area High school, overall the teachers were there for the students but the classes offered and clubs weren't that diverse. Although there wasn't a large diversity, there were good programs in agriculture and a tech school to go to if the students so choose. If they decide to go into the tech school, they spend 3/4 of the school day at the tech school taking courses in the field they choose(ex. mechanics, graphic design, cosmetology, etc...).
There's many other things about the school that i enjoyed but i feel like this has gone on too long already but feel free to look up the school website!
I couldn't have asked for a better school or district. Though it may not seem like the biggest or nicest, it is the faculty that makes all of the difference. People beyond high school never mention old experiences with teachers. I can though. The stories and characters are surreal. Everyone cares about their jobs and about how well they are teaching the students. It's hard to find that in most schools.

The teachers open up your world to new experiences and opportunities that other places just cannot offer. I would never ask to grow up in a different school. Most people are happy to get out of school, but I often wish I hadn't. The only reason that I want to teach others is because of the great experiences I had in Derry Area High School and the School District as a whole.
Throughout my last four years in Derry Area High School I have had so much fun. All the teachers get to know you on a personal level. They all offer so much help, and will give up their time to help you. The school is all very close with each other and I always felt safe. I hope in the future Derry High School can upgrade their technology to make it more useful for the kids.
Just like any high school, it doesn't prepare you well for the after high school world, i.e. taxes, house/ car payments. However, they do offer a required class that is supposed to help you with this endeavor. Several agreements are in place for students to take college classes while still in high school. The athletic department suffers with the exceptions of, volleyball, wrestling and men's soccer.
I am currently a senior at Derry Area Senior High School. I have come up through the district and have been fairly satisfied with the overall quality of the education provided. The school offers a wide array of classes and programs as well many opportunities for individual students. The teaching staff stands out as well. There are many excellent educators who truly care about the future of their students. These factors, while only two among many, are the ones I feel are most important when grading a school as the purpose of a school is to educate and therefore these two particular areas overshadow any others.
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I have been at Derry my whole life, this is really a great small town school with teachers that are very friendly with a lot of diversity and opportunity even has a agricultural class and building! Overall it's a great school!
Wide variety with a good work load
Theres not a huge variety in race/ethnicity
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