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I really like how Derby High school feels like a safe learning environment, I’ve never once felt scared to be in the building. Most of the teachers are also very kind and respectful of their students. One of the things that bothers me is that the high school values their students who are athletes over a regular student, this is the only thing that bothers me.
I had an overall good experience at Derby High School. I have gone to Derby for my entire life, so I don't have anything to compare it with, but besides that, I have enjoyed my time here.
I love Derby High School. I spent all four years at this school and I had a wonderful experience. I was involved in many things over time including National Honors Society, swim, choir, and many others. Derby High School is a wonderful school.
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While going to high school I had great teachers. They wanted to see me succeed and do great things after I graduate high school. Derby has so many clubs that you can join and so many different activities you can get into. I love going to school here. The friends I made and the teachers I had help be who I am today. I wouldn't change anything about Derby.
The teachers at Derby High School are well qualified, helpful, supportive, and patient. Many teachers stay before and after school for hours to help students better understand the material.
Derby has fantastic AP teachers for honors students and the sports and band are highly regarded. I liked the amount of school spirit we had, however, as an orchestra student, I would like to see more support for the orchestra and other fine arts classes.
I liked my memories I made with my friends and with my teachers. I am close with the administration. I play soccer for them and I love my coaches and teammates. Everyone at the school is very excepting which meant a lot to me since I was new my junior year, I had moved from my hometown in Dallas Texas which was very hard for me but with all the students and teachers it made the transition that much easier for me.
I transferred here at the beginning of my junior year. When I walked into the front doors it was really big, I thought it was a small school but nope! I really enjoy it here, I'm taking some medical classes and I absolutely love it!
I enjoy the fun and positive atmosphere of the school, however I would like to change the food--it is not tasty and I'd like more options
I personally like Derby. I appreciate how they work with student schedules, and they provide an average education for a low cost. It's easy to feel not included, as it seems most of the students are close minded.
Derby High School offers a broad range of classes to help students with career readiness. Teachers are generally excellent, but sometimes there are teachers who do not provide the necessary guidance to students.
Derby High School is a goof High School that helps get students prepared for college with Per-AP, AP, and concurrent/dual credit opportunities.
The Derby community is one of the best places to live. It is a true family environment, and the atmosphere is no different at Derby High School. The school may be big, but the teachers are great! Teachers strive to help students with growth in and out of the classroom. Students work hard in the class rooms, and in what ever sport they play. Derby High School students are very determined to reach high academic and athletic standards. My favorite part of the High School is with the amount of kids that go there, you get to meet new people every day. The community is there for every player and sport. We are one big family.
Derby was a great environment. The admiration and teachers and coaches were very good role models and very supportive. When I attended bullying wasn't an issue.
I would like to see more opportunities for students to better themselves at Derby High School, more clubs and organizations, more sports for students to try, and more administrative involvement with students. Due to the small amount of after school and clubs to join, not all students are able to step out of their comfort zone to try new things. Clubs at Derby High School never follow through due to lack of commitment from teachers and administrators who volunteer.
I absolutely love being at school and experiencing what it has to offer. There are so many amazing teachers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with those who are willing to listen, which truly helps learning. The overall staff at Derby is so caring and hardworking, and you get a sense of pride from them. My teachers work hard to engage us students and teach in a way that is actually beneficial. There is something for everyone to feel included in (classes/ clubs) and if not Derby allows for growth and new ideas, there’s almost always something going on. It’s a place that makes you feel proud to be from.
As a freshmam, I am learning that you have more freedom in high school. We are free to pick some classes that we may find interesting, and the teachers treat us with respect and expect us to stay on task and complete our assignments.
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Derby High School was where I followed my brothers footsteps. One after another my brother graduated when I was in the eighth grade. Now I am a Sophomore. I am pleased to say Derby tends towards academics, and giving students the opportunity at a great future. However, I feel as though Derby tends highly towards football. Our team is great and wins, but I feel as a band student we don't, as well as other sports get the credibility or intrest.
Experience was very good, but preparing us for college was not there. Motivating us to think & plan for college was not presented to students.
Overall decent, but more of a 3.4-3.8 than a solid 4. Its your average school for the Kansas area. Some teachers are better than others, but overall the school is a very welcoming environment to a variety of demographics. It hosts a very diverse student body and is, especially for Kansas, a very progressive place for learning.
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