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Teachers were dropping like flies, children were constantly fighting, and most of the student body lived in a perpetual state of anxiety. This school was the worst thing to ever happen to me.
I am the shell of the person I once was because I attended this school. Teachers were dropping like flies while impressionable children watched helplessly. It was devastating to see the staff giving up on us during our most fragile moments. The school is a breeding ground for bullying, with homophobic, sexist, and racists slurs being used regularly. One of my classes did not have a teacher in it. I know of several students who have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and/or obsessive compulsive disorder since attending. Don't send your kids here.
Send your kid here if you want them to be taught horrible morals and life skills. the entire place was segregated, homophobic, sexist, and a horrible enviorment I had to spend 3 years in. My life is ruined since I went here and I've been dealing with trauma ever since. not only did bad things happen there but the teachers couldn't care less. People were being bullied and assulted and sexually harassed and nobody addressed it ever. I left Denver Discovery School thinking I would be harrassed the rest of my life. Little did I know I was not taught like the rest of the world. I left with 0 confidence because I was told by teachers that I wasnt smart enough. I left with a lifetime of trauma. not only that but I wasn't even near ready for highschool. get a good education when you have the chance. this school was and always will be the worst place I ever stepped foot.
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The exodus of families from thuis school is like nothing I haver ever seen. They are now on their third principal in 6 months. Teachers are frustrated and in survival mode. Issues with bullying, violence, and over crowding are rampant.
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