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Denny International Middle School Reviews

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A great advanced-studies program for "gifted students"
There are shelter in places from time to time, given the building's proximity to a local shopping center
The music department while I attended Denny was award-winning and outstanding for a middle school music department.
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Math department at Denny is really the best there is. In all my three years at Denny, all of my math teachers have been superb, and it's great because the math department often meets together to plan out a thorough math-curriculum for all three years.
It's been a while since I have been to Denny but one thing that will always stand out to me is their math program. I was in the "advanced", basically taking "7th grade"-level math in 6th grade, pre-algebra in 7th grade, and going forth to taking what was considered a high school course, algebra, in 8th grade. Got one high school credit out of the way, and hadn't even started high school yet! While that was nice, the math teachers at Denny are absolutely fantastic and great at what they do. They are helpful and have great teaching methods and although the grading system (at least when I was there), was either good/bad depending on your preferences (it was standard-based learning system), the teachers still do an amazing job at teaching students all the units, and provide great motivation and incentives to get students to do their work and learn.
Available to all and open to suggestions for new ones
Very involved and available. Relate lessons to current events
Clinic and Community Services on sight.
Great intentions but needs more parental involvement
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