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Delta High School was alright but the thing was that it wasn't diverse or accepting of any other race. There were students that were discriminated because of their color and race and none of the facility took any action. The school favored the athletes and let things slide when one of the athletes were racists. There were a couple of good teachers though.
This school has always been great to me. The culture is nothing like you've ever seen before, the most magical times where defiantly during the football season. We just won a game and would sing are fight chant to the stands while the student section would always rush the field to sing with us. After getting cleaned up the cheering didn't stop as all our friends and family would wait outside the locker room to greet us. As we said a quick goodbye to our parents everyone would hop into my classic 71' Chevy and cruise main street listening to Springsteen by Eric Church. After the 11 o'clock drive we eventually all met up at sonic and spend hours talking, eating, laughing, about what ever it was we were talking about. Those are moments I will never forget, and to be apart of such a close and tight net work of amazing people is truly a blessing. Delta High will always have my heart forever and ever.
Over the 4 years of being a student at Delta High we have lost 5 students to either car accidents, suicides, or health issues. Not to mention those classmates that either suffered from cancer, lost younger siblings to cancer, lost younger siblings to tragic accidents,
or endured life altering injuries. During these events we have rallied around each other to give support and love that we needed. Our school has a bond that most students never experience.
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The teachers here can make students feel like they belong and they care a lot. They tend to show a lot of passion and drive for what they are teaching.
Delta High School is a school that practices a very high standard of teachers, staff, and students. Not being a very big fan of high school, my teachers, administrators, and counselors made the four years much better by supporting me and many other students academically as well as personally. If I were to change anything about DHS, I would implement a stricter cussing, PDA, and bullying policy throughout the school. I believe that there should be punishment for using immature language, excessive PDA, and verbal bullying which is currently ignored. Other than these issues, Delta High School is a safe environment with good classes, staff, and resources.
I love that the teachers at Delta High School are so supportive and helpful. I feel like they really want me to succeed, and are willing to help me with my work if I am confused. I would like to see more support staff added to help students find ways to pay for higher education.
I loved the extracirricular activities, the teachers, the culture, and the way they prepared me for college.
My experience at DHS was absolutely phenomenal! The teachers and staff were all very helpful and attentive to each and every student. The sports program was very successful and fun to be a part of and the overall atmosphere of the school is very friendly and positive. I attended Delta for all four years of high school so I was able to build connections with my teachers, coaches, and classmates that made going to school something I looked forward to and they became one big family for everyone.
Delta High School is a very small, public school in the middle of the desert, in a state with the third lowest school funding across the nation. That being said, the staff of Delta High tries their hardest to use their limited resources to prepare each student for their next step in life, whether that be entering the workforce or going to college. The school has little diversity, but manages to be supportive and accepting of students differences, none the less. An important part of the school's culture is sports and clubs, where the students have the chance to be apart of a family. Overall Delta High is a decent place for quality education, and a solid foundation for a students future to be built upon.
All schools have their ups and downs but it seems as though Delta High School has more negatives than it does positives. when it comes to college readiness, DHS does the bare minimum at the very last second. In my opinion, school counselors are supposed to be uplifting, encouraging, and kind, and yet my experience with them has been terrible to say the least. They have never attempted to answer any of my questions about college and have never readily helped me with my endeavors. On the other hand, the teachers are kind and always there to help.
My favorite years of high school were my sophomore and senior year. Sophomore was probably the easiest year for me, my favorite classes were English and art. All of my teachers were good though. Senior year was really fun because of my first hour teacher (AP Lit). I think senior year is the one i did the best gpa wise. I like that most of my classes were fun and a bit challenging for me and that all of my teachers pushed me to do good in some way. Something that could possibly change is more involvement with students, such as them caring about their kids. But overall I had a really good experience with Delt high school.
What I really like about this High school is the atmosphere. It's a really friendly and motivated school which inspires me to do my best everyday. The teachers are willing to help the students understand the materials which I think is something very important and this make Delta High School different from the other schools. Overall this High School the best in educating students and preparing them for real world. I would definitely recommend other students to enroll in this school
Delta High School is a very small high school with not many students but its not like that small that everyone knows each other, for example me I was your average non-existing Mexican girl there. Going through my whole high school experience kind of invisible and brown it some what sucked. Why well because the teachers and the principles have favorites. For example if you play football, volleyball, or wrestling you were mostly likely be the favorite of either a teacher or a principle and being the favorite comes with some special treatment and that's not okay. That is one major defect that I would love if it changed because they shouldn't treat students differently because she/he likes him/her better then this other person. Trust me they notice, well I surely did, and it makes them feel enraged and even sometimes unwanted. No one should feel like. Other than having favoritism, Delta High School is a very cordial school.
Even though many students complain, I've been happy with my experience here at Delta High School. As a senior, I've been super involved over the years, and all the clubs, sports, and academics I've chosen to participate in have been awesome! The teachers are great, and there are a lot of awesome leaders at this school!
Overall, Delta High School has taught me a lot, both academically and socially. I feel as though disciplinary actions are lacking in some aspects. There will be kids right outside the fence smoking before school, during lunch, and after school. So many kids show up high and will mouth off to teachers with hardly no punishment afterward. It's discouraging to watch a teacher get treated like trash but hardly do anything about it. I have been through and seen a lot at this school and hope to see the level of respect for the administration increase soon.
I love how we can all come together as a school for big events or tragic moments. We all support each other and most of the teachers are understanding and actually care about the students. One thing I would want to see a change in is the organization of the school. For example school events need to be advertised more so people without social media get notified. Another thing would be to figure out a system and keep it like with lunch schedules and what not.
The High School is fairly average with fairly diverse AP classes. It isn't a very wealthy school especially within the arts programs but more within the sports programs. It gave me a solid foundation in my education nonetheless.
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The high school is competitive in athletics and ap classes
Teachers are great. Funding is fairly low.
The parents of studentscience here at this school sometimes fit the role of teachers or advisors. They can be there for any student who needs guidence or support.
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