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Great education. Nice, friendly, helpful teachers. Good sports programs. Block scheduling allows time to get extra help, make up work, and see your friends for lunch.
So happy I went here! The teachers are personable and hardworking, the food is not terrible, and there's something for everyone. The honors and AP programs do a great job of preparing you for college and the staff are always there to help. The opportunities and options for classes are great and allow for you to try out several different fields before applying for college. Highly recommend!
My time at Delsea were some of the best in my life. The staff is some of the best around and care so deeply for how their students are doing. The students are all so supportive of each other and the school spirit at Delsea is some of the best in the state.
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Great teachers that are willing to give extra time before and after school. School spirit and pride. Clean, safe building to concentrate on studies. Guidance in decision making for college. Lots of opportunities for a diverse population to get involved and feel a part of the school spirit.
My school has given me all of the necessary tools that will allow me to succeed later in life. I have made lifetime friends here. The staff is so kind and welcoming and will always listen to me with open minds and are constantly ready to help and take action.
This school district gave my friends and I the foundations to go on and become successful doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers and most importantly -- engaged citizens who strive to make their community better for future generations. I have attended a couple elite universities now. I'm now in the top 1% with respect to income and net worth for my age group. And I started my education at Delsea. The teachers at Delsea truly care and will challenge students whatever their interests may be (academics, arts, athletics). Delsea is elite, Delsea is the best.
At Delsea you are part of the Delsea family regardless who you are and where you came from you ARE family!! Everyone cares about everyone. It's a safe place to be.
Delsea Regional High School is a great school because of its devoted staff and teachers who are dedicated to the success of their students. The school is a safe and close community.
Delsea High School has to be by far one of the greatest high schools in the state of New Jersey. The staff is super friendly and very outgoing. Sports in Delsea are very tough to beat and the programs Delsea has are a few of the best.
Delsea is an overall decent and fair school. They thrive on acdemics and sports. The student body comes together as one to support one another.
Overall school is academically strong, provides a safe environment for students and faculty. The school is also highly competitive in all sports and activities such as arts and music. Transportation in and out from the facilities is set up very organized and efficient by involving all faculty members and students as well as principal and directors.
Delsea Regional High School is a great place for students to prosper and learn. There are many activities to get involved in, whether that be softball, basketball, glamour gals, or even an anime club. Although it is a great school the food could be a lot better. The majority of the time the food is either over cooked or cold.
Delsea Regional High School is among one of the elite schools in South Jersey academically, along with extremely successful athletics. The aspect I enjoy the most about Delsea is the family atmosphere and safe environment that has been instilled into the culture of the school. Seldom, if ever, are there fights or brawls of any kind because of the accountability that the students are held to. On the other hand, the only thing that I would change is the facilities because they are rather old. These facilities would include the weight room, bathrooms, cafeteria, etc. My experience at Delsea has been fantastic and I have had every opportunity to be successful and thrive in everything I do.
I truly enjoyed my experience at Delsea Regional High School. I made great connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. My classes were challenging but very rewarding in the knowledge I gained and the experience I earned. The classes and teachers are fantastic, the arts are very exquisite, and the athletics are state of the art. I have had a very good experience with Delsea Regional High School.
I am currently a senior about to graduate in 2017. I overall loved my experience at Delsea. I felt like I was at home with all my friends and great teachers. When I would need help to study for upcoming tests or work on something I didn't understand, my teachers would go out of their way to stay after school with me or give me extra problems to work on for more practice. To be able to have people who care like that helped me to succeed with getting good grades. When it came to athletics, I felt that Delsea came together as one. We all supported one another whether or not we played the sport. Rain or shine, we were out there supporting our fellow athletes and showing our Delsea pride. I loved that Delsea provides a wide variety of activities to get involved in along with great people that help students, like me, who are a bit shy feel comfortable enough to want to participate.
There's no such thing as the perfect teaching staff, but as far as Delsea goes I'm guessing it's just about as good as it gets. Most of the teachers are friendly, and genuinely take an interest in their students and care how they are doing.
The general vicinity of Delsea Regional High School itself is a very clean place - we have stellar custodians whom people do not thank enough. Our nurse is always there and ready to help, and she knows what she is doing. I have never heard any complaints about her, though I've never been there myself. We constantly have security guards on the premise, and if there happens to be a fight (which was never up until the last year), they are there in a blink. Bullying is not a huge problem at our school, our students are pretty much nice to each other. We do have a no tolerance bullying program, which helps too. I always feel safe at school.
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The extracurricular opportunities at Delsea Regional High School are bountiful. From GSA to SGA to NHS to DECA, we sure do have a lot of acronyms. Our after school activities are widely participated in, though most students stick to sports. With our new rotating schedule more students would be able to participate in extracurricular activities during school. These activities are of high quality, I never hear anyone complaining about them. The most popular option is probably band.
At Delsea Regional High School, the majority of teachers and staff are very dedicated to what they do. This is evidenced in the earnest care for students' well being and a strict adherence to the rule "only treat someone how you wish to be treated". These teachers are approachable and always willing to help with a problem - be it a math one or a personal one, it doesn't matter. For the most part, the teachers know what they are talking about and introduce new and engaging ways to teach the material, only with a few exceptions. Overall, every teacher I have had has consistently graded without any bias at all, and I fully respect the staff of Delsea Regional High School.
Sports are the center of activities.
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