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Before I came to Delphian, I was studying in a private school in Taiwan. Everyone was focusing on testing and getting into a good high school. The only subjects that I was good at was English and Mandarin. I did terrible on all the other subjects. Whenever I didn’t do well on my tests or exams, my teachers and my parents got mad. Each report card ended in hour of arguing with my parents.

I’m currently a junior at the Delphian School. I really like Delphian because of its educational system. Delphian is a proficiency-based education so a big part of it is hands-on projects and really understanding everything we study before moving on. It gives students a lot of project opportunities and opportunities to experience real life as part of the education.

My favorite part about campus life is that everyone is a huge family. There’s no bullying or anything like that at the school. Students are really friendly with everyone and the staff members are also really nice and caring.
The Delphian has been a game changer for my academically struggling third grader. She was in public from K-2 and every morning it was a challenge to get her out of the house and to school. She was the youngest in her class and although she tried very hard and had a wonderful outlook, she never seemed to catch up. After only a couple weeks at the Delphi I noticed a complete 180 with her. She now reads all the time in her free time and she has advanced drastically academically. I also love the sense of community there among the staff and parents. The communication is amazing and the location couldn't be any better.
The Delphian School has set me on a path to succeed. Before I went to Delphian, I struggled to learn in a large public high school, particularly in math. I couldn’t get help or individual attention for my questions. Subsequently, I lost my confidence in myself and my future. I felt like a failure. My parents and I decided that enough was enough. We looked at our local options, and found Delphian. My parents and I decided I would try Summer at Delphi, and the rest is history. The Delphian school emphasises the student’s personal learning journey. Not only learning and exploring academic subjects, but also cultivating one’s own personal values and strength. The staff all have one goal: to help students succeed on their journey through the school and through life. Their goal shines through in this beautiful school every day. Their educational values shine through in every graduate. I’m very fortunate to study at Delphian, and I’m thrilled to be an alumna, ready for life.
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Before coming to Delphian I knew nothing about where life would take me.
I thought of myself as a pessimistic person. I was overwhelmed with books and lectures. ​I knew I could do so much more, but I couldn’t. I started at the Delphian School four years ago and finally had hope. Delphian has been a journey. It was a journey not like any other journey. It’s been a process and a discovery. I was shown not only the world, but how I could fit into it. ​It’s about challenging yourself a little bit more when you are too tired to stand up. It’s about providing encouragement when you fall. It’s about alerting you when you are lost. It’s about waking you up before everything is too late.
​Delphian an ​has been the shining star in my life! I will be forever grateful.
​Yesterday, I was a student from the Delphian School. Today, I am a proud graduate. I would recommend Delphian to anyone.
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This is an amazing school! I arrived in late 2013, and I graduated in the class of 2017. My years here were magical and life changing. I become a more competent and responsible person, and the opportunities I received in the program were phenomenal. If you want your child to succeed, then the best school for them to attend is this one. I just finished writing my book Comedy Is No Joke! The Stand-up Comics' Guide to Success, and I am moving my comedy show to LA later this September. I wouldn't have been able to accomplish these feats without the knowledge I gained at Delphian.
I just graduated from the Delphian School. I used to go to school in China, and I started my high school education here three years ago.I found so many intelligent and hardworking people at the school. They encouraged me to work harder. Although everyone has his individual program, our purpose is the same. We learn from each other, practice to become more competent leaders, and to find out who we really are. We work hard for ourselves, not for anyone else.

The Delphian School helped me learn to take higher responsibility, use myself as the resource to solve problems, lead others, keep my integrity and show my integrity. I am grateful for all my experiences here. The Delphian School has provided me opportunities to fail, to learn about myself and to restart. I used to believe that a school only focuses on its top students, but Delphian totally changed that idea. Everyone at the school loves every student, and students truly care about each other.
I enrolled my daughter in the day school in January. She is five years old and is in Kindergarten. She could not read at all when started a she is already reading words and books! She has been learning music, art, cooking and pottery. I love that she goes on field trips weekly. Her teacher is amazing!!!! I am so pleased with her progress and I am thrilled that she is learning and having fun too!
I am proud to call myself an alum of The Delphian School. It is a proficiency-based school rather than time, which makes it independent. I was able to study at my own pace and determined my own curriculum. Through hard work and dedication, I was able to graduate with a high GPA, multiple extracurriculars and an experience that is invaluable.
我是2017年毕业的。Delphian School有一流的学生文化、自然风景和教学理念。这里的学生互相都特别友好,学生的总体素质也高。Delphian School与一般学校有两点显著的不同。首先是对于自学的使用以及如何识别和解决学习中的障碍。第二是对于人格培养的注重。Delphian School的主旨是培养有世界观和有原则的人才。因此这不是一个容易的学校,但是最终的成果会是值得的。
I am a junior at the Delphian School. Transitioning from a public school to a proficiency based school has been the turning point of my life and the greatest decision I have made thus far. What makes Delphian so special and so worthy of accolades is its concentration on proficiency rather than testing requirements and memorization of facts. I have gone from being uninvolved and apathetic towards most of my studies to finding out how I can apply my studies in a practical way. It is a blessing that I have found this school!
I love that the students can go at their own pace. It doesn't hold a child back if they excel in an area, but also does not push them too fast if they need more attention in an area. It's the way all schools should run!
I really enjoy being at the Delphian school. Before coming here, I had gone to a public school for two years. I had a lot of good friends and was enjoying myself, I was really sad to leave. But when I arrived at Delphian, I realized that Delphian had something that my old school did not, a proper education. The way of learning here is very unique, and I love it. I can fully understand the subject I am studying before moving on. I'm no longer stressed about grades, or trying to cram answers in my head the night before a test. I actually like to study, which is crazy considering my mindset on studying just a couple of years ago. Delphian is a really special place, and I am very grateful to be here.
Daughter is the happiest and most productive, by far, she's ever been. L Ron Hubbard teachings or not, she is learning materiasl and getting through hard courses like lightening and testing out at 100% first time almost every course, except for math pre-alegebra which she tested 92% first try! boo hoo!! Stupid internet posts about brain-washing her in scientology are just flat-out ridiculous written by critics that have never been there.. never seen one word about it and i' ve been there inspecting and found no books or literature whatsoever just to see for myself, not that I even care one way or another... Daughter will graduate from there and she's only 13 finishing form 5 of 8! would luv it if they built a pool though! she's a great swimmer with no place to swim!
I have three children going there. Twins aged 11 and one aged 9. They have been there since the beginning and I find their continued interest in learning and participating in school activities and sports very comforting. They all get attention that they need when they need it and not just by the teachers. I have only had good experiences with their coaches, art teachers and other afternoon classes. This school makes it all worth it when I see my children happy and competent in handling life.
Delphian provides each student with an individualized education that builds up their weaknesses and strengthens their strengths. Delphian allows their students to explore education and make it their own and challenges students to use math and science in the real world not just in a classroom.
I loved my experience at the Delphian School. I learned so much through the courses, books, and projects that I know I have the framework I need to start working in my chosen industry and succeed. Highly reccomended.
The Delphian School has an amazing program. You get to tailor it to what you want to do and where you want to go in life. Everyone gets the chance to have the education they personally need and want.
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The Delphian school is a special place where each student moves at their own pace, whether slow or fast. I had a great time studying here and learning all sorts of things. The food is not the greatest, but it is a great school other than that.
山达基学校。看之前要考虑好。 我给五分评分。中国中介请好好了解。 然后加州也要知道这个学校不是给考大学的人用的。校园占地很小,但是学校有两座山。 每天会有45分钟学生志愿活动, 就是擦马桶什么的。 还有扫地倒垃圾。 周末是三个小时。我们没有正常的课,学生都是自学。自我约束能力差的不要来,好的就去更好的学校。有时候学校会有种族歧视,但是明面上没有。
I have experienced an amazing education at the Delphian School. The people and the atmosphere here is wonderful. The staff really cares about each individual's life and education and they are so dedicated to the students. The two years I have been here, I have experienced awesome things and I have nothing to complain about.
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