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As a student at Delphi Community High School, I've learned a great deal of valuable skills. The students are all very connected and are very open. The teachers try do to their best and when a student needs help they are ready to do so. At Delphi Community High School, you can freely be yourself and feel extremely safe. They have wonderful guidance counselors that truly care about their students and are willing to work with you through thick and thin. One con about this is school is that it is always cold.
I love Delphi because it is such a small school that you know everyone. We are all pretty close and some would even say family. With small classes you can ask questions and have one on one time with the teacher. However I don't think that all the teachers really care enough. And, a lot of our classes are at classes there aren't many options.
The staff is very caring, and works with you with any issue needed or if you need any sort of help they are there for you.
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At my school we may not have as much money but we have teachera who care so much about their students and a real sense of community.
Delphi Community High School provides a place of learning, experiencing, and development for students. As a smaller school, there is more availability for closer connections. There are flaws, but overall a very well-rounded school.
Nice student to faculty ratio but not very great staff. Lacking in diversity and needs to care more about the students. Needs fixing around the building instead of on new flat screen TVs.
I like how small Delphi is, how involved the teachers and the community are with getting students skilled for the real world and new experiences. Each teacher takes time out of their day to help students how need it.
I like how close my classmates and I are, we basically grew up together within the small town of Delphi, IN. The teachers here are very involved with our lives and strive to help us to prepare for college and life outside of high school. One thing that could use improvement would be the school lunches, but they aren't terrible.
There are power issues and not many teachers are well educated. They have been helpful with physical problems, but there is quite a bit of judgement in the air.
I have attended Delphi all my life and there are many things that I dislike and like. I like that it is a small school, and I like some of the teachers and how they teach. One thing I don't particularly like is some of the administration. I think our one and only guidance counselor could be a little bit better at her job, and not be so rude to some people.
At Delphi Community High School there aren't a lot of people in your class you have noramally at the most 25-30 other students in your class this makes it easy to foucas and work. The school feels safe and the teachers care about your achedimics and want to see you succeed. Our teachers encourage us to be involved outside the classroom as well by doing things like sports, clubs, volunteer work, etc. Being involved outside the classroom is just as important as being involved in the classroom and out teacher seem to understand this. Things at Delphi that could be improved are; that our school is very into using technology but for some student it can cause problems due to not having a phone, laptop, or wifi at home. The school isn't perfect but if every school was perfect why would they make surveys like this in the first place?
As a student, I like how some of the teachers actually care. There are some teachers that stay after school to help students with homework in all of the subjects. The school hired a police officer to walk the halls to watch the students and keep them safe. I would like to see a little more clubs and options in classes.
English and Math teachers are great! A Science teacher tends to be not good at teaching, causing students to fail his class easily. I feel safe with all the exits by the classrooms and food is great!
Delphi Community High School is a great small rural high school. Carroll county Indiana only has two schools. I like the small class sizes and laid back atmosphere. The teachers are also very structured which makes the classes run smoothly. I have always went to the Delphi Community School Corporation. As I leave it in 2017 I will be taking a considerable amount of knowledge and life lessons with me as I venture on to Indiana University, Kokomo to study radiology.
DCHS is located in a small town called, "Delphi." Everyone knows each other by name and mostly not by their stories. The math department is horrible in my person opinion, I wish they would do a lot better with that. It's crazy how many people are in intervention every year for Mathematics. Also, they base everyone by how their dressed as I see it. If you're dressed like a "Rich kid" then you're in for favoritism! The Medical department is AWESOME though! Overall; the school's okay.
Delphi High School has been the best experience for me. I learned things about myself that I may not have learned somewhere else and not just the normal school stuff. Delphi taught me that not everyday is going to be a good day but if you surround yourself with positive people your day will be the best it can be. Delphi taught me that you may not win every game or meet but you can still have fun with you team! If I could, I would chose Delphi over any school. I would choose Delphi because I have so many amazing memories here that I wouldn't want to loose them. I am to blessed to have had all the friends I have made, all the sports and clubs I am in, and all the people I have met here!
A lot of students participate in the various sporting events we have. Many sports go on at the same time so there's never a dull moment at Delphi! The student section as well as the team mates on the bench are always cheering on their friends in the game!
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School lunch is school lunch. No one likes it no matter what you do. But our lunch ladies always try new things to make our lunches at least somewhat satisfying.
Some students don't agree with all the consequences that come from the things they do but the teachers and administration are doing their best to make Delphi and safe and efficient learning environment for all of the students and teachers.
Teachers work individually with students as needed. They are always available and can be contacted in many ways throughout the day. Many teachers stay after school to help struggling students succeed in the subjects they need help in.
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