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I attended for 4 years & since then the school has had many changes, whether that is in faculty, facilities, sports, & academics. As a result, Delone Catholic has seen a revival in school pride; it has opened itself up to the community in order to improve. Teachers are approachable & want to see students succeed. The school has seen renovations under the Diamond Decade Initiative. The music department is excellent. Since I have come in they offer opportunities for students to get financial aid, tour the school, & events beyond Shadow Day like sports matches & theatre productions. My time here has been up & down overall. Admins have gotten better (especially w/ communication) but they are disorganized & don’t always pick their battles well. The teachers can be rude. Resources & activities can be limited. Students are friendly but can be clique-y & obnoxious. There’s been favoritism shown to students who are wealthy and/or athletic, but that has decreased since new admins have come.
I'd say that the best thing about Delone Catholic High School is the preparation for college. Granted, college is hard for even the highest geniuses, but I feel that Delone has helped prep many of its graduates. With strict dress codes and rigorous standards, we are pushed to the limit. Many of the teachers are disrespectful and short tempered. The food is often undercooked and seemingly unfit for digestion. A portion of the students lack manners and true value.
Can't say anything bad about the school, and trust me I have been looking. The teachers and staff are excellent, and the main reason for this I believe is because they all genuinely want to be there.
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Very pleased with all aspects of the school... academics, self-discipline, spiritual guidance, good moral compass, excellent coaches/athletic programs.
Delone Catholic High School gives students a new way of learning. This is through the development of their knowledge in Christ.
As a 2nd generation Delone Catholic graduate and father of a 3rd generation student, I have no doubts that DCHS is by far the best school in the area. The college acceptance rate is very high and the value of scholarships amazes me. The cost of tuition is easily more than recovered in savings in college tuition. There is no doubt the academic quality is quite high. With almost every PIAA sanctioned sport available, a music program that develops musicians from local grade schools, an always impressive forensics program among the offerings an interested student will have more have more than choices. More important, students are expected to to be involved in their communities and behave with self-discipline and respect. Local employers favor them for summer and part-time jobs. While not very diverse, it is more diverse than the surrounding communities and has a decades-long tradition of having foreign exchange students.
Delone Catholic is a small, traditional high school, so it has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the positives are its attentive staff and very encouraging learning environment. Many teachers become acquainted with almost all of the students at the school and many students in turn feel cared for. Delone is a place in which the majority of students are kind and compassionate people, and there's a place for almost any interest at Delone. While very close-knit, the school lacks in keeping up to pace with most public schools in technologies and programs. Dual enrollment, for instance, is not yet available through the school. The school has yet to streamline useful online programs for school, and for now is only now becoming acquainted with chromebooks distributed to students.
Delone had great academic opportunities for those who put in the work. The teachers seemed to all really care about helping you to succeed. I feel that the academics are much more rigorous than surrounding schools, which has helped to prepare me for college. The lunches are pretty good also.
Delone catholic is one of the only catholic schools in my area which is why we decided to attend. The education I feel I received was above that at the school was above that of the public schools in my area. However, I feel as though the experience is so limited it becomes a fault, I did no career tech in the field I hope to enter into - there is no career center. The school is also extremely cliquey and favours students who are on the wealthier side or who are skilled in certain sports.
Delone is a good school and I enjoy the close relationships you are able to build there. I would like to see different sports teams and better equipment for the existing ones. I would like to see there be more higher level classes available not just inline and I would like to see the addition of a photography class.
Delone Catholic High School is a safe, family friendly, intellectual environment to be a part of. I have been a squirette for four years now and I can honestly say, Delone Catholic is a great school. They prepare students for their futures whether it be an university, the work force, or the military. Delone gives their students the knowledge and connection to further their careers. I would like to see Delone Catholic High School become more open to new innovative idea. The world is changing so Delone needs to change with it.
I liked the chemistry class I took and some of the teachers there. I would like to see the lunches change and get better. I would also like to see the teachers be more laid back in study halls
I wouldn't like to see anything change except for the tuition because my mom works a lot of hours to send me there so it'd be easier if the school was cheaper but other then that it is a great school that prepares you very well for college.
Overall, I had a good experience at Delone Catholic. I made several close friends, developed in my faith and in my character, and had many opportunities to participate in its excellent music program. The music program at Delone is one of the foundations for my current major; I would highly recommend not just the extracurriculars, but also the music classes.
Delone Catholic High School is a wonderful place to prepare for collage and life in general. With excellent teachers and engaging classes, you'll never find yourself in a drag. If you are ever in need of assistance, there is no shortage in resources. Sports, especially football, are activities that are a major part of the school and are key in socialization whether it be actually joining the sport or going to games or matches. However, while there are some clubs and activities, that's an aspect that could be improved upon.

Furthermore, there are many opportunities that are most certainly available to those who wish for them, which is unavailable at many schools especially in the area.

At Delone Catholic, you will feel safe, happy and above all, apart of something great. The students and faculty are widely kind accepting of people from all walks of life. Therefore, anyone considering enrolling at Delone shouldn't hesitate in doing so!
We chose Delone Catholic because of the Christian values that are instilled in each of the students everyday. It is evident in the classroom, basketball court and playing fields and all extra curricular activities. The friendships that have been an integral part of my sons learning experience are priceless. When the students graduate they have the necessary tools to share their knowledge and faith by being examples of Christians that may make mistakes but learn and grow from them to hopefully become productive citizens of the community.
I liked that it was a small enough school that all the teachers knew you by name. The entire faculty and overall atmosphere was very welcoming. In my last year or two attending Delone, they brought in foreign exchange students from China and Brazil. It was really cool to be able to learn about another culture through interacting with its people.
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My four years at this school were up and down. I met many people here, some nice and not very. Many teachers here taught my valuable lift lessons.
They really care about preparing you for college. As a first year freshman I am way above my peers at college.
Delone Catholic High School does a good job in many fields and doesn't do a good job in some fields. The teachers are very knowledgeable in their fields and give the students the ability to do their best.
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