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I liked the principal and a lot of the teachers, but the facilities could be upgraded. There isn't enough parking and they don't do much for the roads in the winter. The lunch is so-so and the computers provided do not have everything we need for class.
There are a few teachers who are subpar, but most are amazing and want to see students succeed. The food is pretty good too
I love most of the teachers. They do their best to teach you the content and are there for you when you need help. The food at lunch is interesting but you get use to it after a while.
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Dell Rapids High School is a wonderful school with extracurriculars for everybody. No matter what your interests are, there is a place for you there.
Dell Rapids High School has no difficult classes, virtually no clubs, almost no AP classes, and focuses heavily on athletics. There are no clubs to join if you aren't interested in sports or drama. There is no focus on academics and this school offers NO challenging classes, save for about two or three. This is not a good school for somebody who wants to succeed academically and/or participate in something other than sports. Little to no opportunities here.
I love Dell Rapids because it is small and you know pretty much everything which can be the a bad thing also. I used to go to a big school and I fell through the cracks and was getting lost in the school system, but when I moved I didnt seem to fall through to much. The only thing that I would fix is that it needs more class choose, they only have the basic classes to get you into a college but I would like to have a more advanced class to have a head start on the majors I want to go in. I would also fix the way they have extra curriculars set up. They have sports at the top and it they make it seem like that is their number priority, then comes academics, then other things like choir, band, drama, ect. I would like things to be more evenly spread.
Dell Rapids is a small school, so you get plenty of one on one time with teachers and always get extra help if you need it. The atmosphere is usually dirty so I wish it was cleaner. Lunches aren’t the best either so if they were improved rating would be higher.
As a high school student at Dell Rapids, I have a lot of opportunities to invest on my potential future. But sometimes the school does have problems with the students.
I have been blessed with motivating teachers, and hardworking administrators. My academic opportunities have strived at Dell Rapids High School.
I like the small classes and the feeling of a personal connection with all the teachers. Everyone knows each other so everyone is nice to one another. I like how they offer online classes if you feel that the normal classes are not challenging enough. Being in a small school allows you to participate in sports because they do not cut anyone from the team.
I enjoy the effort the teachers put into their students at DRHS. Students can be involved in numerous activities, and still excel in school work.
I enjoyed my time at Dell Rapids High School because I felt that there were several options available to help me advance academically.
Dell Rapids High School is filled mainly with teachers who have been teaching the same classes for years. A lot of teachers even have their masters degree in the field they are teaching in, and several are qualified to teach college courses. Having educated teachers that have been teaching for years makes learning easier and a lot more fun.
This is a great high school and community in general. Teachers and staff are caring and compassionate and parents work to help students strive in not only academics, but all activities.
Very little is done to enforce the rules until things get out of hands, and rules that are not as important are enforced too much sometimes.
The school overall had a great setting in diversity and making everyone feel welcome.
Because of the block scheduling I was more prepared for college life than I expected.
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It is above average and there are a lot of tools available to students.
The safety at this school is excellent!
There's a wide variety and healthy choices as well.
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