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I will be attending Delhi High School as a Junior. Although, the school lacks some resources. It maintains its academics and college preparation for students.
This school merely focused on sports and not on the academic clubs which could have branched out to something better. However, at this school they wasted more money on football than anything else.
Nice environment, relatively average campus, and a good portion of teachers care about their students. Cliques are common here, but everyone gets along. Not many opportunities or potential here, and some clubs and classes get more attention than others. However, some clubs, like FBLA and DMAS, are very well-funded and hold good opportunities for kids. This school is what you make of it, but it's not bad.
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What I like about Delhi High School is that its a small school which is great because teachers can interact more with their students and it's easier way to have a one on one with a teacher during break or after school.
There are limited programs in this school, however, the healthcare programs have to improve dramatically. Which makes it one of the best schools to have the ROP pathway and a medical academy pathway.
I love the unconditional support from teachers and counselors; definitely a college going culture. Wouldn't trade it for anything.
What I liked about Delhi High School how the school and community was small and everyone would get involved. It is a very unique and close community.
Delhi High School is a small high school compare to other high schools. We are all united and help each other out. Our school has chromebooks and we are involved in using these electronics more.
It was alright going here. I wish there was more support for the girl's sports. There were good teachers and not so good teachers but I think that's a given in any school.
It's been a fun ride but they should offer more classes instead of just throwing kids in classes to fill them when the kids clearly don't want or need that class
Delhi High School is a very small high school, and it can have some disadvantages to it. Academics are not really rewarded and only a certain sport is emphasized. The only pro to it is that you know almost everybody in the high school.
What I liked about Delhi High School was even though it's a small school, you actually get to know almost everyone here. In other schools that are bigger i'm sure your not able to see everyone, but since I live in s small community I get to know more people. What I didn't really like about this school was that they didn't seam to care for everyone or like every sport, only specific ones. I also wish they had more rallies and make the school funner for us.
My experience at Delhi High School has been one filled with different types of encounters. Overall, I absolutely love my school and I am proud to be a Delhi Hawk; however I would love to see even more classes, like AP courses added to our school to make our education system even stronger.
My favorite experience is joining ASB, its great because I get to help the school become better.
The teachers help with any struggle the student has. Some go over the top to make sure students pass their class.
Teachers care for their students that they are willing to put in extra time for us and get us ready for college. They try to help their students as much as they can so they'll be ready as soon as they go to college.
Even though the school I go to has very few people, theirs still a lot going on that the staff doesn't have a clue of. Theirs drama between students and it causes a lot of depression especially that a small school knows everything about a person. Most people of this school tend to be fake, it's just disgusting to me. I'd just love for our small school to get along and help each other as a community.
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It's only getting better. The fact that this year will be the second year that Delhi High School has an FFA chapter now. AP courses and opportunities given more and more every year. Athletes are very good this year, we have x cross country team now,and people getting more involve in clubs such as Helping Hawks.
It's a great school,I just had trouble socializing with people because I was I'm a shy person and since the school is pretty small at an average of 700-800 students it's petty limited on how many friends you have on this campus. Overall this school is very peaceful especially coming from a small town.
Teachers give out real world examples for us students. They motivate us to do better and work our behinds. They actually care about our future and want us to be successful and someone later on in life. Their rteaching scales are great! I can defiantly say they've done so much to help me improve in my learning capacity.
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