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Delhi Charter School Reviews

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Delhi Charter is a great school. There are teachers there who help you learn all that you need to prepare you for the real world. The only thing that I would disagree with is the food. It isn’t the best, other than that the education, safety, sports and clubs are fun to participate in.
Delhi Charter School is a great option for student in our area. It has very nice facilities and is one of the safest schools in the state in my opinion. Delhi Charter has a wonderful and caring staff, but many of the teachers have room for improvement. Our athletic program is good but lacks in consistency and organization. Overall my high school experience at Delhi Charter was great but could have been a lot better with some changes being made to the school.
We love it! My children have been there for 12 years and we love it! The teachers are very helpful. Now have a locked gate all the way around the campus-as a parent i feel very safe and secure knowing they are doing everything possible to keep our children safe
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As a student at DCS I feel that the school itself is a very great school! Although a lot of the other students don’t agree with them, the uniforms we wear, in my opinion are very much needed. Without the uniforms we’d be so unequal and people would get criticized for the types of clothing they wore. I don’t like the fact that there is so much bullying in the school but that is going to happen in every school.
The teachers want you to succeed. They strive to teach in such a way that you can understand and grasp the concept that they are teaching. The school guidance director is outstanding! She helps you get ready for graduation by encouraging you to take the required courses to receive the TOPS scholarship and scholarships from the college.
There is a school based health clinic
They put more focus on education rather than socialization
The teachers are only given 1 year contracts so they are required to care about the students learning.
The people at this school were very friendly. Being a small school, everyone knew each other, and if you had a problem someone would be there to help out. My favorite experiences were the years of playing baseball and football. If I had to do it over again, I would still choose this school. It helped shape me into the person that I am today, and I met some pretty great people.
The school has a good administrative board and staff. Not too strict rules but not too leaniant
We are a relatively new school. We've only been open for about 13 years and our sports have done pretty good. We have great fans. We just had a new weight room built last summer and it is really nice. We workout and run often pretty good bit.
We just got the school health base center this year and i havent even went but i heard they are good
This is a great school. I am glad that i came here and i would do it again if i had to. We have a great enviorment here that is welcoming which helps you with your learning. I feel like coming to this school was a great decision as to futher my future education.
We have very advanced learning techniques and the students here are very smart. We are a four star school because of our awesome test scores. We always have great activites to do that help us learn and the teachers love a help us when we need it. We are pushed to be our best.
We have a decent saftery policy. We are very against bulling here but it still happens somtimes. We do have cameras everywhere and all doors are always locked.
The food at the school is decent. It is better than having nothing to eat at all. Although we do have some healthy choices, they are not always available to us.
There are about four clubs in the school. We also just have the basic sports; football, baseball, softball, basketball, cheer, and dance. Although i must say our dance team have won places at competitions the past three years.
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Delhi Charter offers dual enrollment classes through Louisiana Tech. The teachers are good and there is not a workload unless you create the problem yourself by taking on too many classes.
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