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i liked all the teachers that were there each teacher knew how to get along with their students and had no problem. The thing i would like to see change is more clubs or activities and the lunch.
As a fellow Delcastle graduate, I feel as though I was prepared for college because of the trade that I was in (business technologies). However, with the importance of college on the rise, I feel as though there should be some changes to the shops as trade jobs are no longer enough to sustain in life. There should be a focus on business, or college prep to get students ready for the real world, and get them in the mindset that a higher education is so important especially in today's society.
Overall, Delcastle is a pretty good school. I enjoy being there and working in my shop. Most of the teachers make learning fun and easy and they do their best to make sure we understand the topics so we can succeed.
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Going to a Vo Tech was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I got to experience real trade experience and try out new things before I made my career choice. I personally chose Technical Drafting just to see how I would like it and now I am furthering my studies in architecture at Morgan State University. Delcastle has some of the most amazing staff. The staff cares about their students and want them to succeed. I still keep in contact with my career area teacher just because he made a huge impact on my career choice and always looked out for me with job opportunities and helped me look for colleges to apply to. He would always answered any question I had and guided me to make the best decisions.
At my four years at Delcastle, I met a lot of new people. I believe that was the best part. It was a small school, so it was very connected, especially when it came to sports. Basketball season was my favorite time of the year. Students always came out and supported the girls and boys basketball team. A change I would like to see in Delcastle is better school lunch. I would like to see that at a lot of high schools in Delaware actually. There should be more food options than just the food made by lunch ladies in the cafeteria. There should be more vending machines and things of that nature.
I've enjoyed my 4 years of time here at Delcastle. There's always something new happening to keep me interested, especially with the career areas that we have to choose from our Freshman year.
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Delcastle is an okay school for if you are going to be going directly into a construction field of work. If you're planning on going to a two or four year university then you are going to be out of luck with your education here.
Delcastle is a very diverse school.The academics tend to be lacking as there is a focus on the technical aspect. That being said, the scheduling is very easy and students only have up to 4/5 classes at a time, rather than the average 8+ of other schools.
My experience at Delcastle Technical High School has been very eye opening in many different aspects. As a freshman you can realize that the school is very well put together and when a rule is set, it is set. I feel like it is a great way to experience a bunch of different types people and interests. The fact that it is a votech gives you more ways to meet people who are interested in the same things you are. The teachers are very helpful along with all the other staff.
I like how I am ready for the work force. As well as I’m am for college. I will also like to add that we compete in SkillsUSA. Which is another opportunity to earn more scholarships and to possibly go to Kentucky and compete for national titles.
Overall I can say that I’ve had an awesome experience here at Delcastle! From what I’ve heard of it has changed so much in a positive way throughout the past years. Here majority of the teachers are excellent & get along with students, very few aren’t. We have a huge variety of after-school activities such as NHS, Student Council, drama club, and much more. There are a couple changes and improvements that can be done around the school such as the sports facilities and the campus overall.
What I liked about Delcastle is how the teachers and staff were willing to help wherever they could and how they prepared us to go into our careers or college .
I am a 2017 alumni and I had some of my best years at Delcastle. The education, the extra help resources, amount of staff willing to help, and even creating more advanced classes and number of classes overall made my high school years superb. The faculty are so invested in the students and their are so many resources for students to reach out to for academic help even different teachers. The extra help is always there, always. The amount of clubs and extracurriculars are so abundant it is almost impossible to not find a club that interests a student or they love. I did so many different clubs, I almost never left school at normal time, I always stayed involved and active. Another thing I love is the incentives. It is nothing like working hard and getting rewarded for it!
Delcastle’s academic program is very well organized, students here are able to focus easily on both their majors and academic classes, the teachers here are excellent as well! They’re very quick to offer help if needed and the other students here are extremely friendly, overall a great school, I’ve recommended this school to many friends.
I had a great experience at Delcastle. The classes were great, always kept you busy. I never had better teachers anywhere else. I personally was very sick during my senior year and yet my teachers were still there for me and helped me catch up to graduate. That was very great of them.
Delcastle is a very nice school. It is a great place to go if you want to go to college or if you want to go into trades
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I am a current student at Delcastle. I am in the 12th grade and I have experienced a lot about the school. first off the school is nice i am happy i choose the school. But the school sometimes can lack the school spirit. Pep rally is the only time that is ever really seen. but we are fairly good in sports and i like all of the shops available.
When attending delcastle high school I was never given the idea of not being able to do anything. They have strived me and pushed me to do the best that I can do. The teachers do not play a small roll at delcastle they have the best intentions for each and every student that walks into their classroom. While students may have their differences the school does not believe in desperation and do what they can to get the students active in any event and spread the love and spirit of being a cougar.
I couldn't ask for a better school. I learned so much and the teachers are great. The school is very diverse with both students and teachers. I have made so many different friends.
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