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Delcambre High School Reviews

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I love the school, the teachers are always trying to make you the best you can be. They push you to new lengths in order to strive.
Help to further prepare us for college and the ACT. Some of our teacher seriously lack in preparing us for what we'll need later in our education.
I love the diligent faculty and students. Recently, our school became an "A" school and I'm proud to see how far Delcambre High School has came in the past years. Delcambre High School is founded on their mission statement that is preparedness, respect, integrity, determination, and excellence. This school deserves a 5 star rating and more.
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Delcambre High School has always been my home and heart. Growing up in a small school gives you a chance to get one-on-one help from teachers. I love the atmosphere of the football games because our whole school comes out to support our team. A set back with our small school is scholarship money is very hard to come by.
I feel safe at my school.
There are a variety of sport activities available at my school.
My school values tradition. Homecoming is a big deal at my school and something that everyone enjoys.
The teachers at my school truly want the best for each student that they teach. It is a very caring environment.
My experience has been fun. Delcambre has really taken me in and I have made friends I will never forget.
All around, the school is a great environment. There is minimal violence and little to no drug use on campus. Everyone us always well aware of their surroundings.
The cafeteria workers are amazing people who work hard at what they do. The school board provides very unappetizing foods that are supposed to be healthy but usually arent.
With our new principal, many restrictions are not effective aND no one really respects them. With her, it's more important to not have a certain hairstyle rather than if someone is skipping class.
The fan support at Delcambre is incredible. The result of the events have no effect on how many people will support at the next Event. The athletic program is a great experience for anyone that is involved. The athletes are hard workers and the coaches are very understanding of the fact that education comes first.
The teachers are all very involved with the students academically. They make learning a vcompletely enjoyable experience all the while keeping a controlled environment.
Lots of clubs and organizations are available to the students. They are not only a learning experience but also very fun to be in.
The sports program is average compared to other schools.
The BETA club is pretty rewarding.
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My opinion on the food is that they do not give enough food to the students. They give the same type of food every month and sometimes twice a month. I would recommend bringing a snack.
Threats are taken seriously and are acted upon as soon as possible. The whole school will go into code red, depending on the treat, and lock down. Knowing that the school can take these threats all seriously and swiftly makes me feel safe.
The athletic department is great. We have a new gym and a new track around the football field. There are plenty of occasions and games that are attended by students, family, and faculty. Students have the opportunity to engage in basketball, baseball, football, and track. At our school we are one family and we support everyone whether we win or lose. We have after school workouts that athlete's are recommended to participate in to help stay fit.
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