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I HATE DELBARTON! Everyone here is so mean! So many jocks! The whole school is based on sports and semi-athletic kids don't have the opportunity to play.
Simply put, it is the best all boys Catholic school in the country. Nothing compares. It is an honor to have my son at that school. There is a lid for every pot. Whether your kid is academic, athletic or into the fine arts, Delbarton provides an environment that works.
The best school ever and its not even close. If you want a good education and still have fun go here. So many nice kids. Great teachers and sports. Amazing brotherhood GWTID.
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The school provides excellent learning and opportunity. The school also makes students excellent by challenging them in many ways. Teaches them responsibility and helping others .
Great Sports, Great Academics, Great Arts, Great Life/Culture, All in all Great School! Roll Delbarton Wave!!
I loved this school. I experienced true brotherhood here and became friends with some amazing people. Loved going to school everyday and competing in the competitive yet supportive environment. If you play sports or enjoy sports you will adore cheering for the green wave. Amazing theater productions and facilities. Nationally ranked in robotics and research. Great college placement and preparation from guidance counselors. The teachers care so much about helping every student. However, I will say that this school is not for everyone, you will only love and succeed at Delbarton if you are a passionate person that likes to get involved and is willing to do the work. If you are up for the challenge, however, this school is a place you can become the man you always wanted to be.
Truly a very special place to go to high school and to be a part of something bigger than yourself. It will always be a place to call Home.
My experience at Delbarton has been great. The teachers are hard, but fair. The coaches push you to be your best. Campus is amazing and the food is good. The biggest benefit are the others guys that attend. My best friends have been made at Delbarton. The Brotherhood is real. GWTID!
Delbarton students gain acceptance in to the top universities/colleges in the country. Delbarton students continually maintain stellar academic achievements. Delbarton athletes win multiple state championships year over year. Delbarton is nationally recognized for all of their rigor and achievements. Delbarton is family. Delbarton is faith. For those gifted to attend, Delbarton is Where They Belong.
Alumni parent. It was a huge sacrifice for us to send our boys to Delbarton. The Delbarton experience prepared them for life. We are forever indebted to the the faculty and staff! If you choose Delbarton, you will not regret it!
As a parent, I would implore any parent who has a son to visit Delbarton for a couple of hours one day. Walk the grounds. Speak with the teachers. More importantly, speak with the boys that currently attend the school. The curtain will be pulled back and you will be able to experience the benfits of the Delbarton community. The brilliance and respect of the young men at the school is incredibly impressive. The campus is stunning and you can hear and see the dedication to the students by the teachers first hand. Wonderful institution for any young man to earn a stellar education, lifelong friends and a bright future!
You do not need to only look at the high test scores, school matriculation, student activity or the academic and athletic state championships that are awarded to Delbarton. You can also look at the incredibly high alumni participation and involvement within the school community. Alumni continue to be involved and support the school and students many years after they have graduated. The bond that is formed at Delbarton lasts a lifetime.
The truth of the matter is that there are many good high schools in the tri-state area, especially in NJ. However, if your son is fortunate enough to gain acceptance in to Delbarton, there is really no other option to consider. Delbarton is a pretty special place. I could not imagine my son attending any other school. Delbarton has met and far exceeded all of our expectations. Education, Performing Arts, Academics, Discipline, Leadership, Charity PLUS the amazing friends we have all made are priceless. Like I said, there are many good school. Delbarton is a GREAT school.
I am very fortunate to attend Delbarton. I am thankful for the sacrifice my parents make to allow me the opportunity to attend such a great school. I have made lifelong friends. My teachers push (hard) for me to succeed but they are always there to help me along the way. The coaches have shown me the benefits of hard work and what it means to be a part of a team. I feel honored and proud to wear my Delbarton gear in public. Someone always comes up to me to say what a great school it is and how lucky I am to attend. I already know. I am confident that with the education that I am receiving from Delbarton that my future will be successful. Delbarton will always be a part of my life. You need to experience it to truly understand it.
Single best high school in the country. Superior curriculum, college prep, athletics, and alumni network. Overall, incredible experience.
DELBARTON. Nothing more needs to be said as perfection can sometimes be as easy as a single word that represents so much more. GO GREEN WAVE!!!
Overall, my son’s experience at Delbarton has not been the best. If you do not like drinking or are somewhat quiet, you will not have a social life here. Most of the students are spoiled, and some kids receive special privileges that others do not. The whole notion of brotherhood among the students is the school’s marketing strategy, but is not accurate. While there are some amazing teachers, some of the other teachers put little to no effort into their jobs. Do not send your child here. You will be wasting your money.
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Delbarton has the key recipe to success. It has always and continues to hold true to its mission and teaching. It does not follow trends. It is a diverse group of intellectuals. The students that attend the school deserve their spot through hard work, focus and dedication. It is for these reasons that Delbarton will always hold a top spot among educational institutions throughout the country.
Delbarton has been the best time of my life. I feel like I practically live at the school, as I constantly stay late as I never want to go home. Probably the best part about the Delbarton experience is the brotherhood. As a top high school in the country many would expect a cut throat environment however this is far from the case. Students are always looking out for each other, and helping out each other as they genuinely want you to succeed. This is true everywhere, from the fields where Delbarton constantly dominates the competition, to the classroom, to the arts. And it’s this brotherhood that makes this school truly unique and better than the other top schools in the state and in the country.
Tradition. Family. Brotherhood. The campus may be one of the most beautiful throughout the nation but it is in intangibles that make Delbarton unique and special....that make Delbarton the place Where We Belong. GO GREEN WAVE!!