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Delbarton is more than my son's high school, it is a significant experience in his life that took him from being a young boy and grew him in to a mature, responsible, hard-working, faithful, and empathetic young man. The financial sacrifice is worth every penny as I see the results of our investment on a daily basis. In addition, Delbarton maintains a deep and strong sense of tradition, values, family and brotherhood. As with all things, you get what you put in to it. For boys and their families, Delbarton provides endless and positive opportunities if they chose to take advantage of all the wonderful things offered to them.
As with any select school, it is not a fit for everyone. As a family, you have to believe and trust in the school's mission on what they are trying to achieve with these young men. Some will find it difficult, some will embrace the challenge and some will rise to exceed expectations. The education that these young men receive will prepare them for the future. The grace, character and sometimes hard lessons make life long changes. The teachers are caring and phenomenal. Faculty and parent volunteers are astounding. "Get cut down and grow back stronger." This is exactly what life is and this is how Delbarton prepares their students. We are blessed to be a part of this family.
I had a tremendous experience at Delbarton. Two years into college I am recognizing, I will never be surrounded by as my bright and determined young minds. The teachers will push you further than where you think you can go to help you succeed. Athletics speak for themselves. The school is greater than you would believe from the outside.
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This place is what you make of it. Sit back and it will roll right over you, but step up and meet the challenges and you’ll become a better you.
Unless your son is a gifted hockey, soccer, football or lacrosse player or an extremely self-motivated scholar, Delbarton will disappoint. The culture and focus of the school continues to be about sports above all. Arts facilities are up to date, but the adults in charge are weak, and there is little institutional focus on anything beyond sports. Kids involved in less popular sports or other campus activities are treated as second class citizens by their peers, teachers and administration. The sports culture is stifling. When you review the college outcomes on the school website, beware: those Ivy League outcomes come to those who have been groomed to play their chosen sport since birth or who have family connections that pave the way for entry. If you are considering Delbarton as an academic institution, be warned that you would do better to consider your local public school.
Delbarton has challenged me both in the classroom and on the field. When things get tough, my brothers are always there to support me. The teachers are great. As with any school, some are better than others. More of a preference. Food is great. is a special place. It is our second home.
The wide variety of academic classes and AP courses provide all of the young men at Delbarton the opportunity to follow their passion. The Delbarton curriculum and the outstanding teachers are catalysts for why our sons consistently are ranked as some of the best students in the country and are accepted in to the top universities in the nation year after year. SAT, ACT and AP scores are proof of the quality of the Delbarton population.
Delbarton is a school that pushes its boys to strive to excel in all that they do.... our sons are challenged and meet the challenge as a community. They push one another to meet the next level and are there for one another to face and overcome any and all obstacles. Phenomenal education.
I am the father of four, each of which attend a different private school. I can say, without hesitation, that I am incredibly thankful that my son has the opportunity to attend Delbarton. It is truly a wonderful place that inspires. The sense of community and family is palpable. To watch your son work so hard and focus on their academics and strive to achieve the goals they have set for themselves is truly inspirational. The rewards graduates reap by attending the top universities in the country as well as life long friendships make the Delbarton experience very unique.
Delbarton is truly a wonderful school for boys to become highly educated, respectful, hard working young men. It is a great environment. Outside the school, you will meet people that passionately love the school. Conversely, there will be people that passionately dislike the school. The latter is typically due to a family member or friend that was not accepted and they felt the boy should have been accepted. Delbarton is a very academically and extracurricular diverse community that not only spans athletics but the arts. Do not listen to what others say. I highly recommend that you and your son visit Delbarton and your son does a student for a day. You will be amazed by the Delbarton experience.
Brotherhood is a lie to get more applicants. Just wanted to let you know before you come here. .
Delbarton is a phenomenal educational institution but it is so much more. It is the intangibles...the parents, the school community and the brotherhood. It is very special. The academics are unmatched. The young men that graduate from Delbarton go on to top school in the country. Delbarton provides a very nurturing environment that foster these boys to become young, responsible young men.
Brotherhood culture of Delbarton is best thing in school. I have one boys went to Delbarton attending top college in US and other boy is in Delbarton attending school. Unique thing about Delbarton is provides great diversity of skills... Academics, Sports, Music, Arts. Instead of boys competing on same area, they are equally distributed and competing on their own skill levels, giving them great advantage when they apply for colleges. One kids could be great in Football, second could be best in soccer, third could be best in academics, fourth could be best in Piano, fifth could be nationally ranked Debater and still they can connect each other with great brotherhood what they have. It will be very unfair to look at delbarton from only one aspect (e.g academics) since it provides great platform to excel in skill what you have. Kids at delbarton has great pride and they carry themselves with great confidence. I absolutely proud of sending my kids to delbarton
Amazing place. No other high school in the country are you going to get an amazing education, college prep, dining hall, and have nationally ranked sports. Alumni program is unmatched for a high school. Not to mention the community service opportunities. There are trips all over the globe for service or foreign exchange. Also the campus is more beautiful than a majority of the college campuses I've seen.
Within the past four years, I have found my second home at Delbarton: a sense of community that is emulated nowhere else. The teachers are superb, the campus is spectacular, and the student body is competitive and enthusiastic. You can thrive as an athlete, scholar, or musician. The more involved you are in the community, the more you prosper. If you are looking to find a special place that emphasizes camaraderie and academic achievement, Delbarton is the high school for you.
Delbarton, in its whole, is a great and astounding place to learn and grow. Once in a while, you would have a teacher that didn't really care all that much, but the vast majority of teachers are highly passionate and knowledgeable. Teachers are almost always available after and before school and encourage and are eager to help students of all levels and capabilities. The school's athletics are overall outstanding, and Delbarton is especially good is hockey, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, and tennis (most state championships). At the school, there are plenty of extracurricular clubs and activities to join, and the school is always open to new ideas. The students at the school are extremely competitive with one another in all aspects of student life, and I believe that is what keeps the school so great. Delbarton teaches it's students not only the curriculum needed for college and beyond but also the integrity and character of which most schools fail. (can't conclude b/c out of box space)
Delbarton truly is a unique place unlike any other. In New Jersey, there are some very great educational institutions like Pingry and Newark Academy, but in my (slightly biased) opinion, Delbarton rises above them all in terms of OVERALL COMMUNITY. Its academics are top notch, and its athletics are renowned and were even announced as the top program in the state for the 2016-2017 school year by Star Ledger and Religion and the arts have a prominent position on campus, and the community is as tight-knit as anywhere, whether it be amongst the student body or the expansive alumni network. Ultimately an awesome place to be.
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It's an incredible school. Very talented kids and some amazing teachers and coaches. Great college counseling
Delbarton fosters young, respectful men. It is more than just education but about building strong, christian character.
This once great school is solely resting on its former glory days and reputation but that will (and is) catch up with itself sooner rather than later. It is a good school for certain (not all) sports but that is it. I am not sure why a family today would pay the cost for a Delbarton education that will lack in its return. In NJ, there are some exceptionally better private educational institutions to consider with significant technology and teaching methods to propel your son ahead. If you are a family that is sacrificing to allow your son to attend Delbarton, seriously, you may want to consider your local public school which will most likely garner the same results.