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Delaware Valley was a very good high school. It prepared me for college more than I knew. The availability of AP classes is superb, as are the teachers that get to teach them. I came to college with an entire semester's worth of college credit because of that. There is also a lot of options when it comes to extra curricular. The theater program is amazing, as is the band and orchestra and chorus, and so are the sports as well as academic clubs.
I loved my high school experience! I was involved in track and field and lacrosse! I was also involved in Peer Buddies which is a great program! The teachers were awesome! always willing to help! The parent involvement is huge! so many people coming together to help with school functions was always awesome to see. it really brought the community together!
DV has a great academics program and also offers a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities to allow everyone to find their niche in the school community. However, they favor their sports more than the arts and academics, and it is blatantly obvious. The superintendent and the school website constantly congratulate the athletes at DV for achievements or for committing to a college. You rarely see them recognize students for their admittance into Ivy league schools or the music program for performances. The school board also made a poor choice in regards to snow days this year. Instead of applying to the state about the extra snow days due to the fact that we were in a state of emergency, the students are being forced into school for an extra week in June because "We're DV, and we're going to go 180 school days. We're not like other schools." It’s pointless to add on these days since after our final tests, most classes play games or watch movies.
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My experience with Delaware valley high school was just okay when I try to get in touch with teachers or anyone at the school it's just a long process no one is answering the phones, but when I show up in person I get some assistance.
The only complaint I have about DVHS is that all students are pushed to take AP classes. While I appreciate the wide range of high level classes that the school offers, not everybody belongs in a college level course in high school. This just results in them struggling, and holds back the class.

Aside from that, DVHS is a wonderful institution. The district funds MANY clubs, so students are never without an opportunity for something to do or go to. Teachers make themselves available for tutoring and there are several safety nets for students struggling in their classes. The DVHS campus is regularly renovated and kept up to date with the latest technology. Every class room has a SMART board, which most teachers utilize as a tool in their teaching process.
Wonderful staff, terrific new addition and facilities. Academics are top notch!
Though my child is not fond of the cliquish groups, she enjoyed her teachers and the courses offered. My employer exhibits the art and photography students work once a year, and they are fantastic! we know many athletes and their parents and they are very pleased with the coaches. I feel my child is safe when she goes to school. The counseling staff has also been extremely helpul, especially communicating with us regarding prepping for college.
The most overlooked aspect about DVHS to students happens to be the most valuable, that is its ability to prep students to seek further education in way of its many opportunities to exceed the exceptions of an average HS transcript.
I have a mixed view of Delaware Valley High School. I feel that academically, it is a very good school. I feel that sometimes they give you false expectations about college. I also feel the school could be more diverse. I guess like most schools, it has it's good points and bad points.
Delaware Valley is a great school that really prepares its students for college and the real world. The teachers and students develop close relationships with one another which fosters and open learning environment.
Delaware Valley High was an overall good experience for me. I attended my classes and earned high grades. I participated in the music program, specifically the orchestra, and it was great! My teacher, Mr. Swinehart, was a great teacher, unfortunately currently retired, and he urged me on to participate in concerts and auditions. I took AP Classes and my Calculus teacher taught me well and I passed the exam. My experience was good however I've heard lots of things from my friends and think it would be good to change. First of all, some students were stupid enough to bring alcohol and cigarettes into school and made the rules harsher and stricter. We aren't allowed to carry around water bottles because some kid in the past had put alcohol and drank it during school. There are some students who doesn't care about school at all and play around too. Our football team, I heard, is quite good.
DVHS provides a quality education if you're willing to work hard. There are plenty of clubs to join for a wide variety of interests. As with most high schools things tend to revolve around athletics.
The health and safety policies at this school are pretty good. Random drug checks, drug sweeps, and other precautions are very common here. Along with this we are not allowed to wear earphones, hats and or bananas to prevent gang symbols. There are always two police in the school at least if not more. This is nice because they are friendly, you see them all the time when you walk in the hallway, and they come in to talk to classes a lot. This makes you feel much more secure in the building. Bullying in all forms, sadly is very prevalent in this school. Both me and my twin brother have been victim to it. Yet the school is very against bullying and has many ways to correct that. Principles are always available to talk about it along with school police to try to correct these problems. The school nurse also is available much of the time to give care when needed. Overall the health and safety implementations and safe at this school are good.
The extracurricular are very diverse. Here there is a lot of different people with different interests. We have clubs that range from cup stacking, fly fishing, gay/ straight alliance, to snowboarding club. If there are students who are passionate about the club it is very well constructed. Along with this it is very easy to create a club if there is not one created. The teachers that supervise these clubs are very interested and committed to them. It sometimes seems that sometimes they are even more passionate about the club than their teaching. Clubs here are very well advertised too so everyone can know about them when ever they would like to know. They are used as an after school activity here that can be as long as 3 hours if wanted. The clubs are able to fundraise and get financial support from the school to go on trips. Some clubs even do trips on weekends if they do choose.
This is the only school that I have ever been to. Therefore, I am not too sure how great it compares to other public schools in different regions. One thing I do know is that compared to other schools in my area this is the only high school with over 23 ap classes available, and a pool. The ap classes are great for kids who want an advanced experience but they are pressured immensely. Other academics are great as well. Yet I am a quick learner. This means I often get bored in classes. When I get bored I do make myself useful though and work in my wood shop class. This helps me build on new skills. I will also go to the library and read a lot so I can learn new things. To continue, the pool is a great bonus for me because I love to swim, I have been on the swim team since I was 4 years old, and I lifeguard so I get to work their. I love to do sports and when I practice it gives me a way to take my mind off of my busy academic life. Yet this school is very into their sports. If you are not the best at a sport you are normally ignored in the sport which to me is extremely upsetting. It seems like it is more of an exclusion than an actual team. For me team sports have not been joyful. Yet I am still on the swim team and the varsity captain. I am hoping by having this leadership role I can possibly fix and help correct the exclusion that coaches create.
For me, I personally see both sides of the spectrum when it comes to teachers ability. I have been an AP student since my sophomore year. Yet I do not take advanced classes in all subjects. Due to this, I am able to see how different it is when going from an extremely advanced (AP) class to a basic class. The strange part about all of it is that you see that some basic teachers are better than AP teachers. To me it all depends on not the teacher them self, but who else is in the class, how many other people there are in each class, the type of personalities that are in each room and so forth. If you show a genuine interest in the class, put in the time and the effort, and actually make an attempt, on average the teachers are great and will go out of their way to help the students. I know this since I am that kind of student that gives it my all so I can succeed in what i want to. Along with this if one teacher will not help a student out for whatever reason it may be, there is another teacher in that building that will do what they can to help if asked. Through all my years of high school I have learned that each teacher has a different style, which may be hard to pick up on, but can be accommodated to if a student is struggling. I have met very few teachers that do not show some sort of interest towards their students. The only thing with Delaware Valley is that sometimes consistency of grading/ grade records is not teachers strong points.
The amount of courses available to students is awesome, and most teachers are willing to help if you are struggling in a class. The workload is manageable in most classes, although there are some that are pretty heavy. My only real issues are with guidance and scheduling, and with the huge AP push that has become more common in the last 4 years. More kids are being pushed into AP classes by guidance than ever before, and it is starting to bring down the quality of AP and honors courses. Also, scheduling can be a pain, mainly because guidance has no clue what they are doing, ever. Seriously, if you are a senior and don't have the one good counselor in the 11/12 guidance department, give up on ever getting any help with applications and financial aid from your counselor, because the only thing they are going to do is tell you to go on Naviance. Because of the incompetence of most of the guidance department, scheduling is either a breeze or a pain. They are awful at giving course descriptions, will push you into APs, and want you in and out as fast as possible, so know what you want before you go in, have teachers recommend you for the courses you want, and stand your ground if they try to talk you out of something. But besides that, the teachers are really good, and the classes are diverse and challenging. Outside of scheduling and college application season, I enjoyed DVs academics.
The student body and social scene is fairly accepting, but everybody sticks to their own groups. Also, everybody knows everybody, through one friend or another, so the rumor mill is always active and word gets around fast.
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We are pretty safe, but there are definitely big gaps in the schools security systems, like the covered walkway. Also, I don't think that mental health and bullying are actually taken very seriously, even though we are supposed to have support services and zero tolerance.
Extracurriculars are inclusive, and most kids are involved in after-school activities. There is also a fairly large range of activities to choose from. The only downside is that unless the organization is a major sport (football, basketball, baseball, track, and soccer) it will not get much funding from the school, and all of its facilities and equipment will likely be pretty outdated.
My overall experience was positive, but somewhat lacking. I liked DV from the standpoint of its academics (which are really very good) and its involvement in clubs and athletics, but I found the student body to be fairly homogenous and uninvolved in school spirit. I also found that while teachers were pretty good, administration was fairly lacking in any real leadership, and generally had no clue what they were doing. They did things with good intentions, but I really think they lacked a real connection with the student body or a concern about the welfare of the student population other than the schools rankings. DV is a good school, and you'll get out of it what you put into it. It can clear the way for a good college education, but by the time you've spent 4 years here, all you'll want to do is get out of this school and out of the area, which lacks anything interesting or important.
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