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Delaware Christian School is a small school, this allows for great opportunities for High School students to get involved in many extra curiculars to add to their resumé. Also, most of the teacher at Delaware Christian School are excellent and care greatly for their students.
Regardless of what this site says about diversity, DCS has students from Lebonnon, Albania, Africa, Malta, Peru, India, Puerto Rico and so on. Excellent Christian school with outstanding staff.
Very nice environment. Inclusive, fun, and happy. Poor behavior is frowned on and they keep biblical principles. Classes start with prayer and school starts with a devotional. Teachers are easy to talk to and look after the kids. They are very interested in the well being of the children both academically and more importantly their mental health. They offer great advice for anything and help with any problems that may arise. The academics are getting better each year as they bring in great teachers.
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The teachers of DCS love all of their students and truly want the best for them! I still visit the school to stay connected with old teachers and coaches. They were my mentors and they all played an important role of furthering my education.
They do their best to connect teachings in different ways.
My experience has been mostly positive. Sometimes homework loads can get a little out of hand and some rules are discriminatory and harsh. All teachers display a Christ-like attitude and are more than willing to help a student succeed. Overall, the good has outweighed the bad experiences by far.
Of the teachers I've had, all have been bodacious. They really want us to work to get a great education.
The facilities, as a whole, are average. Pretty good, but nothing amazing.
The school is extremely safe and healthy. It's well maintained, proper health codes are used, and it's located in a safe environment.
The school administration is simply old. They're unwilling to change the rules, and very liberal and close-minded.
The extracurricular's are moderate. The sports are awesome, because it's such a small school there's a family feel to it and they're easy to get in to, but aside from that there's not many extracurriculars to do.
The admissions process is very simple. You need a letter of recommendation from your pastor, and have a least on parent who is a Christian. Aside from that, you go in, interview with the principle, take a tour of the school, and then find out if you're excepted or not. No students who meet these requirements are turned down.
Probably the most controversial and least "fair" policy enforced was dress code. Certain people felt that certain students could get away with X while they would get in trouble for it themselves. While it may have been a bit annoying, I liked it because then I didn't have to worry about sticking out even more for not wearing the current fashion with my peers. Sometimes, I do think the administration played favorites; I just tried to do what I was supposed to.
With the exception of a few teachers whose personalities I clashed a bit with, most of the teachers were knowledgeable, interesting, engaging, and fair.
I think DCS used a rigorous academic curriculum that stretched the students to do their best and learn their best. It wasn't a piece of cake.
Our school's condition is pretty good. The science lab, library, and computer lab are pretty nice for the size of our school. It is a small Christian school, so I think it's great for the school population size.
There's a police officer sometimes in the connector between the elementary and secondary buildings. I never felt at risk at my school and always remember the fire drills and occasional tornado and lockdown drills we had. The school nurse was the same as the secretary...I never felt extremely safe, nor at great risk, I guess.
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The ladies in the office are very careful with the medicinal care of the students. They keep close watch on the medicines the students take.
The food is good. There is a variety of different healthy food that the school serves.
Sports at Delaware Christian are very important. Many students are involved and we have great school spirit! Many students are at all the games supporting the girls and guys in their sporting events.
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