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Delaware Academy High School Reviews

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My school is located in rural upstate New York. The teachers and academics are outstanding. I think my teachers prepared me well for what lies ahead. Because we are rural community some of the resources available to us seem slim at times but we have done well with what we have. I wish our community were a little more diverse but location seems to prohibit that.
Most teachers lead some sort of club for variety
The teachers were kind but the students were not.
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The teachers are passionate about their students.
The school works hard to keep its students happy and give them opportunities
For the most part all of the teachers are very caring and they do their job well.
I have grown up in this town all of my life and I couldn't see growing up in any other town. The people here have shaped me to become who I am today. Living in a small town has it s ups and downs but mostly ups. There is always someone to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on. I would choose this school again because the teachers have almost become like family to me. They even baby sat me as a child. They give me a great education and help me in striving to be the best that I can be
The teachers a very friendly and almost become one of my friends while still giving me the education that I deserve.
This school is alright overall. I strongly dislike the majority of the focus on athletics vs education. I believe sports are important, however education is just as important, maybe even higher. The school gets many technology grants which is great, but I wish they received money, so they didn't have to lay off many teachers. We receive iPads which you would think to be nice and helpful, but in actuality they are useless. I feel bad because it sits at the bottom of my locker, dead and unused. I cannot use them in half my honors classes so there really is no reason to forcing students to have them.
This school was the best option in the area. It offers many more AP and honors classes than any other school in the area and has the best facilities of any area schools. Even though it's very small, the school offers far more opportunities than would be expected.
The speech and debate team is the most visible club at the school. Language clubs are also pretty visible due to exchanges with Germany and Spain.
Buses are only available in the morning and when school lets out, there are no activity buses, which limits student involvement in after school activities. The technology is being updated and there is currently an ipad program being phased in through elementary and middle school, but it hadn't reached the high school yet when I left.
It seems like pretty much all of the school is involved in sports in some way. The teams are in general okay, they usually win about as much as they lose in a good year. There are definitely a lot of dedicated parent supporters and a good amount of support from the community for the teams.
The teachers are by far the best in the area. All of the teachers get to know all of their students very well and they are very available if you need extra help.
It's rural, so more conservative attitudes are definitely present. Diversity is mostly invisible in a school that is mostly white, but people are mostly okay about differences.
There is a strict no-prank policy that defies explanation. Bullying reports cause a large amount of suspensions. Students would be better served by the counselors stepping in and mediating. Dress code enforcement is nonexistent. Attendance is pretty strictly enforced, but the policy is reasonable so it's not really an issue for anyone.
The teachers are for the most part excellent. Recently due to the Common Core implementations the curriculum has seemed a bit strange. Scheduling is either fine or a nightmare, only one or two sessions of many classes are offered because the school is small so there are limited options. The workload is pretty light if you aren't taking an honors or AP class, but expect to work for the honors or AP designation. Popular classes come and go, mostly go, due to constant funding cuts. Art classes are pretty much gone at this point.
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Lunch options are limited and generally unappealing. The menu is pretty repetitive, but snacks make up for the lack of real options. Most people who can bring a lunch do.
The bullying programs cycle in and out and don't seem to affect change. School security has been increased recently in ways that don't make much sense but due to the sudden prevalence of school shootings nationwide these changes are accepted (despite the extremely low risk of something happening here). With these increases, lockdown drills and drug searches with K9 units happen at least once a year despite the fact that this does not increase school safety and instead takes away from instructional time. The health office and nurse's office seems really great though, and the programs offered are extensive and excellent.
Some were very good, but some were very bad.
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