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Delavan High School Reviews

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This school is very good in every aspect. The school has very high standards for each student. The teachers are not just there to help with school work, the teachers here are to help you with life problems. They want to see you succeed and become the best you are. The school is very safe and has camera almost everywhere to keep us safe. I was glad to be here all 4 years and wouldn't change it at all. I'm glad to be called a Delavan Panther.
In certain clubs, students are committed to making their club the best it can be for what the high school can offer.
My high school experience was great. I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of in athletics and academics. I have faced adversity, those days were the worst for me. However, I wouldn't change my experience because of the dedicated caring teachers. My school is unique because every September we have an event called Carnival. Throughout this event each class has to build a food booth, create a lip sync, gather auction items, and sell tickets for their king and queen candidates.
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Teachers at my school have usually a fair grading policy. Each teacher gives a rubric to show how the students will be graded on his/her assignment. I attend a small school district so it is easy for the teachers get to know each student.
Everyday there is pizza to eat.
My school does not have the funding to afford equipment and things for sports. We do not have a foorball field, pool, lacrosse/field hockey/soccer field, or a tennis court. Our locker rooms are falling apart and our school is in need of a lot of new things, but doesn't have the money to afford it.
I have many teachers who let kids get away with things that they shouldn't be allowed to get away with. They don't put their foot down and stop the kids who are disturbing the learning space for other.
The track needs some work.
They have provided a good education, but need to provide more programs for languages for students who plan to major or minor in those areas.
I really enjoy going to Delavan. I have made many memories here
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