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DeLaSalle is a very welcoming environment. Everyone forms close relationships and there is always someone to talk to if you need anything. There are so many sports and activities that you can try and you will meet so many good friends by joining a sport or club.
DeLaSall has been a place where I’ve felt at home for the past four years. The teachers have pushed me to become not only a better student, but a better version of myself. I have learned so much about how to play my part in making the world a better place and the teachers and staff here have been nothing short of a great example for how to do that.
I really got the preparation that I needed to succeed in college because I came to this highschool. It helped me to create life long memories, educational experiences, as well as a focus on my academics.
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De La Salle is very diverse. The atmosphere is always one of anticipation, as if something is about to happen. During games or events the students and staff are very involved. Overall the school is quite wonderful.
Throughout my experience at DeLaSalle I have grown exponentially. I find that the academics far exceed most schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Yet I am disappointed by the administration and how student issues are dealt with and would like to see some positive changes towards having students voices heard more and actually felt like the student body is being listened too. Overall I see DeLaSalle as a excellent school and hope everyone has a good experience there.
DeLaSalle is a very community based school. The college level courses are academically challenging and the extracurricular activities are incredibly welcoming.
What I loved about DeLaSalle is how well they prepare their students for college, they make sure they are ready by having a steady workload and good degree of difficulty on top of that. What I did not like about DeLaSalle is how strict they might be in certain situations, they tend to forget that 14-18 year olds are still just kids and providing a little more freedom might be helpful for the kids in the future.
The school building is well built and maintenanced. It’s easy to navigate in the building. The facilities of the school are quite well with few minor exceptions. Academic facilities are well and sufficient for many kinds of learning. The student body as a whole is welcoming, diverse, unified and upright. Most teachers are responsible, helpful, and awesome to work with. The staffs are friendly and also helpful. Many teachers and staffs care about the students and they want them to be great. The dining is a little above average. There are a varieties of food, but the qualities are not impressive. There are many exiting events, such as sport games, dances, diversity week and masses, that one will be overwhelmed with DeLaSalle’s school spirit. All in all the good qualities of the school quite exceed the bad. When one is immersed in the vibrant and united community, the school’s shortcomings are somewhat forgave.
DeLaSalle does an excellent job of preparing their students for college. The school's Guidance Counselors meet with the students periodically to check on their progress for applying to college, and are very knowledgeable about the systems, and helpful with reminding students to meet deadlines. On top of the excellent counseling, the wide range of Honors and Advanced Placement courses allows students many options to excel in High School and prepare for the challenges of college. One improvement I would like to see at this school would be an increase in the amount of Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) as I feel it would give students even more options to prepare for college, but also save money once getting to college.
I have enjoyed my experience at DeLaSalle. I think that the teachers ar dedicated and push their students with rigorous coursework in order to prepare them for college. The student body is very diverse but inclusive- there is a special community aspect about DeLaSalle where everyone feels that they are welcomed and can be themselves.
DeLaSalle is an incredible school. I am an alum and constantly am reminded how much the school has given me. As a student I was given unbelievable opportunities to study abroad, take college-level courses and develop friendships that I maintain to this day. I know of no other school that can take a kids from hugely disparate backgrounds and build such a strong, loving community. I hope to send my kids to DeLaSalle one day.
DeLaSalle High School is composed of diverse groups of people. I met people from different social, economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds; I met people I would have not otherwise have met. This school has amazing view, which helps the students think beyond just themselves. We are committed to serving the poor and vulnerable. We are located on an island near the Twin Cities, so it's easy for us, as a community, to get involved in social justice programs. We have opportunities such as volunteering each week at Sharing and Caring Hands. It's a school that has the smartest, most talented, friendly, cool, and caring people. We are the Insladers!
The school is incredibly diverse and the community is very welcoming. There are all sorts of clubs and activities for all people. Our sports program is incredible and the theater program is extremely talented. The teachers are always willing to help and the academics are challenging but not to the point of immense stress.
DeLaSalle is one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I started out in the public school system, but found that I wasn't been challenged academically. My parents encouraged me to look at other possible high schools, besides my local public high school. I ended up deciding to attend DeLaSalle, and I am so happy with my decision. In addition to the academics being significantly more exciting and challenging, I have found myself more engaged in social and extracurricular activities. I have met like-minded students and I've made incredible friends. I feel more ready for what is to come in my future academic career and my future life because of my experiences at DeLaSalle.
I currently attend DeLaSalle high school and what I have most enjoyed is the school spirit. Football games and basketball games I believe are the events with th most school spirit. I would like to see a little bit more diversity in my school. My school is a private, and catholic college prep school.
Delasalle offers great community and values. Quality in teachers has gone significantly down over years.
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