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I loved how the teachers were very motivational and they did a great job at inspiring their students. The staff were great people and the school environment was overall splendid. I wish that school spirit on behalf on the students was more, but alumni made sure it wasn't bad.
My school allows each student to fulfill all their needs in order to prepare themselves for the next step which is college. Delano High School is one of the school that I would go to if I were to pick from many choices. The teachers are very inspiring and makes sure that every student pass every class. Our counselors are always there for us every time we need help on the littlest things. They're always available every lunch and after school. Our admins, what can I say, they work so hard to make sure each student is getting the help they need. All the students are such high spirited and ready to learn once 8 am hits. Once a tiger, always a tiger.
Delano high school is a great school with awesome teachers who are always willing to help you after school. They offer a variety of classes that help you with your future career and dual enrollment classes. It is a fun and educational environment with friendly staff and students. There are a wide range of clubs and activities that you can choose.
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I recently graduated from Delano High School and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. School spirit isn't taken serious but the rivalry with the other schools in town is enjoyable. I made good friends and some of my teachers became my mentors.
I very much enjoyed that I was able to choose from so many options for courses to take. Many of my teachers were very helpful and inspiring in that it helped me gain a better understanding of my potential.
It gave me the great and valuable education experience. I found it a great school and has such good features. Who you surround yourself with will really make a perspective for you, but other than that the education perspective is the best outstanding perspective there is to see.
The people around me are okay. There are definitely some ambitious people that encouraged me to take risks on advanced courses. I did not make several close relationships, which is entirely my fault. I hope to never return ever again.
Delano high schol welcomes everyone and makes you feel like home because you'll experienced important lessons for life through out your four years in there.
My experience here was an somewhat good journey. This school has many pros and cons, like other high schools. It wasn't my best years in school so far, but the most I've learned. There were many obstacles that I had to overcome. These challenges forced me to make decisions I didn't plan to claim. Overall this school is a great way to learn and challenge yourself to achieve more.
My experience at Delano High has been a great one. I've been able to get the education and assistance I needed to be able to attend the college I desired. Delano High could try to offer more AP courses in order for students to get a chance to pass a class in high school rather than I'm college.
Delano High School is a school filled with a lot of potential. In the very heart of the town it is a school full of diversity with our very strong Filipino and Latino presence. The academics, teachers, and administration are pretty about and do not stand out.
Delano High School is a great environment to grow and get a good education. The admin genuinely cares about the students and makes sure that they are completeing their requirements. Students are all put on a path to a college degree unless they tell their counselor their intentions. Depending on the counselor, they help make sure you have a good future after graduating.
I enjoy that Delano High School is a well put school with well working staff. The teachers and students are friendly and welcome everyone.
Throughout these four years of hard work and dedication, I have enjoyed every second of it. The environment itself is what makes it enjoyable everyday. Everyone gets along with each other which makes it peaceful. I've learned a lot from my instructors not only about the education system , but the ways to think like an adult. The things I liked about Delano High School were the opportunities every student had to succeed. For example, we had a library that was always reliable for students, we had all our AP exams paid for, we had after school tutors, and mostly all the teachers took time off their daily lives to offer extra help after school. The only thing that I personally think should change is our lunch.
I have greatly enjoyed my time at Delano High School. However the school has placed so much emphasis on football, that other programs have seen a decline in interest due to the lack of attention they receive from administration. For example rather than continuing a beloved pottery program the school gave the money an resources to the football program. Athletic achievements are far more recognized than academic ones; which discourages students to push themselves in the classroom.
Going to Delano High was a great experience. There are many great teachers who are there to help you. Also, I enjoyed my time being involved in sports and clubs. But the food at the school can be better, and the treatment of the security should be improved. The school spirit is really good and it is a friendly evironment.
Great school. I love how everything works here. The teacher and staffs are great too!!!!my 4 years here are so far going great. I don’t have anything bad about this school to say because I have learned so many good things. I have improved a lot since I enrolled myself in this high school. It’s a excellent school. I would recommend it.
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I’ve made so many memories at Delano High School and the mascot is a tiger. I played Basketball, Football, and Baseball. I tried my best to stay involved in school activities. I was able to keep my overall GPA at 3.2. I loved how the teachers are there to listen if you have questions and they were also very involved in school activities. It’s nice when teachers and administration know you by your name and greet. There’s definitely a lot of school spirit there. I love my high school. Once a Tiger always a Tiger.
Great school. Needs a bit change in the way some teachers teach. The students teach themselves by reviewing course material and whatever is on the board for that day. Security is at a minimum. Safety from other students was always a concern. The area has changed and gang related violence has continued to knock on the gates of DHS. Other than that, it is very much outside of school control. The school as a whole is great.
The school is very nice. It has a large faculty, and yet, everyone knows all the teachers. They really try to help, and it is like a large family. The campus is nice, the education is top notch, and it's a very safe school!
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