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I would like to change the issue with bathroom usage. Currently, there are bathrooms that have been blocked off during certain times of the day. It defeats the purpose of using the bathroom, especially when a bathroom is in the center of the school when no one can access it.
DeLand High offers many programs that students can venture of to. Whether they desire to enter a field of fashion, there are classes for that or even technology or engineering or culinary. DHS also has great academic opportunities that a devoted student can take upon such as International Baccalaureate or the AVID Program.
I've been at this school for four years. I'm in the IB program so class curriculums are pretty good. Others have told me that the regular and honor classes can be fun as well. Teachers can be iffy sometimes. Either they're amazing at teaching, really funny, or just incompetent. It's pretty rare when they're both the first two. Overall, the sports team can be kind of trash, specifically football, but I think they've gotten better over the years. The food isn't that good. I found out they had over 42 health code violations at one point (i don't know for sure but it wasn't in 2018). It doesn't look appetizing, and with the influx of students I gave up trying to fight for a meal only for the end of lunch to come.
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I like the school in general but it does need a little cleaning up it should have. For example the bath stalls need to be better fitted for us girls, it should have personal items in there just in case something happens to a girl when their on there mostly period. There are many girls who have gone through this and I'm just trying to prevent any girls from going through that. Also we shouldn't have such little time to go out for lunch, because time flies by so fast that by the time we get our food and the restaurant its time to go. And we should have to pay so much money for an ID card that we don't even use. and I don't think its right that people that payed for a parking sticker have to pay again to paint their own parking space.
I liked how Deland High School was a family friendly environment. I always felt welcomed and I always felt needed. I was on the women's basketball team so that was my way of being involved with my school.
The school overall is similar to other schools in Volusia County, however not many schools have a principal quite like ours. She is very tech savvy, and always tries to get kids to have more school spirit. She puts the school before her, in every way possible. She is very kind, and tries her best to make every student feel at home.
At Deland High School, I enjoyed the teachers mostly. They are very interactive and helpful. I enjoyed being a part of the Engineering Academy for all four years. I am still in the academy, this is my last year. I love how much effort the counselors put in to make sure we are on track for proper success.
I’be enjoyed my experience at deland high school over the past two years. The academics, especially in programs, are very good. As a student, I’ve experienced a variety of teachers. While most are pleasant and great educators, some who I’ve experienced aren’t so and I think the academic staff could be improved in some ways.
It is a very nice school. It is kept decently clean and most of the staff are very helpful. The guidance counselors can take a while to see you on some days. However they can be very helpful
DeLand High School is an amazing school with a Gold Star Engineering, Construction, and Communications Academy.
theres a lot of class options, they challenge you, if you ever see your guidance counselor for schedule changes she'll do her best to give you your desired schedule. most teachers work hard to make sure you're going to do good in the class but the school is so big, they dont put as much effort in making sure every student is on track to meet their goals
I like the IB Program and its competitiveness in most sports. The student population is starting to get too large.
They students and teachers are very welcoming and nice, but the administration leaves a lot to be desired. They slow at getting things done and uninformed.
I mostly enjoyed this school because of the friends I had and the baseball team I played on. The teachers I had were all so caring and really did the best they could to help everyone achieve good grades and graduate.
My Experience at Deland High School was okay. The teachers don’t care about the students and their future. Club and activities are excellent and the sports are wonderful
DeLand High is in need of a clean up and some stronger academic programs. While they offer the IB Program, it's weak in its offerings and could be made stronger. DeLand does have a very good system of supportive teachers with the exception of only a few. Clubs are never in disparity and neither are AP classes for the most part. The students of DeLand are either very invested in their education or very passive about it, and either way DeLand ensures everyone succeeds!
Deland High School is an ok school. It has a lot of good teachers and many opportunities to participate and be active in school. I would like to have more discipline and more authority for the kids that need it
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I was in the IB Program at Deland. Personally, the IB Program made high school a friendlier environment. It helped create a tight-knit family amongst the students and I'm glad that I was able to be a part of that. I hope that never changes
Not impressed with with the faculty being a new student my senior year, kids overall are not very friendly lots of fights, doesn't have a lot of resources.
Deland High School was not a pleasant schooling experience. The teachers were underpaid and the clubs were underfunded. We had too many students, pushing our classrooms and our hallways to capacity. The campus was a giant, multilevel, hell. The "dogbowl" was really just the spot to go to bake in full contact with the sun while you ate your misguided "nutritional" meal prepared by the lunch lady who firmly believed in the food pyramid and yet forgot what was in the middle. The older kids always left for lunch and never came back. The outdoor stairways was the perfect spot for girls to prove they were women. If you didn't have a lock on your locker, that was your own fault. It was an authentic high school experience at the least.
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