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Del Oro has a very spirited and welcoming campus. It is full of dedicated students and staff who give endless support. Del Oro has wonderful programs such as band, theater, arts, choir, athletics, leadership, clubs, and more. All of the students are very well rounded and involved on campus. I wouldn't change my high school experience one bit. Del Oro has provided me with wonderful relationships and skills that will help me in the future.
Del Oro has some fantastic school spirit. I came from a small charter school, and I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to function in a large high school, but the culture and the people swept me away. I have taken a rigorous course load every year, and my teachers have supported me through it the whole way. I wouldn't be able to accomplish as much as I did without their encouragement.
Del Oro is overall a great school, the people are great, the staff is great, and the programs are great. There are multiple facets that students can get involved in, and the school will support them in making sure they will succeed in any field they like as long as they work hard. That being said, as someone who is more of an academic rather than an athlete, Del Oro often puts athletes, specifically football athletes, on a pedestal while the academic achievements lack somewhat. Overall it's a great school, just a little too football focused for me.
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For the way in which I learn and achieve best, Del Oro was a perfect fit. The staff and students are friendly and work to create a safe environment to allow each student the opportunity to be successful.
Staff and teachers are the nicest and friendliest people. The teachers connect with all the students and help everyone do well. The students are all friendly, accepting, and most of all spirited. School pride is #1 here at DO.
the school feels like a family and a safe place as everyone is either involved in a sport or club! I love this school and have grown found of the surrounding area one day I hope to come back and raise my kids here and hop ethic can have great high school years just like me.
In my experiences at Del Oro, there was always a teacher or administrator that I could go to for help or advice and I felt very supported. The academics and athletics were excellent and set me up well for college. The diversity and inclusion however was not very good and could use some work. The school needs to work on its acceptance of differences and open-mindedness.
Was very calm and not a lot of drama. The teachers I really invested and ready to help. I wish they could offer more different or unusual classes though, and I found they weren’t as helpful in getting us ready for college
Del Oro High School is Amazing! I would recommend Del Oro High School to all future students and parents of future students! The staff is wonderful, supportive, and go above and beyond on a daily basis. The Ag Science program is great and the Leadership program is top notch!
Overall, I think Del Oro has been a school that has a lot of spirit and school participation with the community. I am rating Del Oro poor due to the administration. I have had countless awful occurrences with the vice principles here and I know that EVERYONE else feels the same as well. They provided me with rude comments, blatant criticism, and humiliation in lack of better terms. I hear my peers talk so poorly about the administration and laugh at their lack of knowledge and care for the students. I am also rating Del Oro as poor because of the amount of drug usage DURING SCHOOL HOURS ON CAMPUS. I have seen countless amounts of drugs being used in school bathrooms and in classes when the teachers aren't looking. I really do enjoy the school spirit and atmosphere during sports games and rallies; however, that does not make up for the disgusting events that go on outside of them. Sorry Del Oro, I am happy I'm leaving.
I liked the close knit atmosphere of the school, which allows students to feel involved in the student body without having to go overboard. The staff and student body works hard to ensure a feeling of inclusiveness for all students attending.
I came to Del Oro form an out of district school no knowing anyone. With more than 1800 students, it can be a bit overwhelming since I came from a class of 23. However, D.O. made me feel at home, welcomed and as if I belonged there the whole time. The students are great, very welcoming and accommodating. The only thing I would change is the "state" of the school. Its very old, has modular for classrooms. It needs some modernization, along with more teachers and classes to accommodate the need for incoming students. This is a "I want to go to High School". I got in and I would love to see anyone who wants to attend be allowed in.
Del Oro is such a supportive environment for the student body. Many of the teachers were graduates of the high school and then come back to teach the next generation because they love this school so much. The students at DO are very inclusive and really try to make sure that everyone feels welcome at school.
Del Oro high school is an amazing school.It's in a small area with a tight knit community and families and alumni will stop st nothing to help the school and support the kids.The kids that go here are so friendly and you rarely hear of bad things happening there.When I enetered freshmen year the upperclassmen were so nice and they took us on with eagerness.We could all ask them questions and all of them helped show us what we want to be when we grow up.I'm so happy I go to this school and I'm so excited for the years to come.
My experience at Del Oro is amazing. All the teachers are very supportive and help you with anything that will get you going to reach your goals. The culture around school is amazing, everyone is so proud to be an Del Oro Golden Eagle, to be honest everyones spirit is super contagious. The activities were awesome, the school provided as many opportunities to help people find their calling if it was by school clubs or extra classes.
I loved the teachers there as most of them are very fun and spontaneous and make the classroom enjoyable to actually learn. The school spirit there too is just amazing with great game day pride down at the football stadium every Sunday.
Del Oro is such a great school be at. Everyone there is super welcoming and I've never felt more accepted.
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Del Oro high school is the best school in the state of California. Its campus is great! friendly people and the sense of community it holds is what makes it so great. I would strongly recommend you send your child to Del Oro high school!
This school is very focused on their football team excelling. Their agriculture program is great, but there is a teacher that is still a staff member that was supposed to be fired the year I graduated. This school is full of politics and you have to jump through hoops to get things done. One positive thing about this school is the ASL program, the teachers are great and include all Deaf students to help them feel welcome.
I loved the school spirit and the atmosphere here. I grew so much not only as a student, but as a person here. I loved my experience here.
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