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In Del Norte High School I have had a lot of fun experiences. For example I had joined clubs, art society which is very diverse and honor society for students who are in high classes for example AP classes, Honor classes and have token Duel Credit classes, which I am one of. The school is very diverse, a lot of students from over seas and other places. I am also a muslim who from overseas. I have been in this school for four years, but I have never seen the school lack something or do not help the students.
Del Norte has a very beautiful campus and is in the middle of a lot of restaurants and places to eat; which is great for a group of high school students. However, this school is lacking funding and teachers, which is why they only offer a small amount of classes. There are only a few electives, and almost no school spirit. The academics aren't the worst, but could be better. I have made a lot of friends and made some great memories. Knowing all of this, I would say my overall experience is average.
The Del Norte environment is a place of good memories. People are so kind and I love our school spirit! I also am very fond of our mascot, the knights and the school colors. Glad to have the opportunity to come to the "castle" of Del Norte High School everyday.
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This school is a great way for students to have a chance at education in a more professional manner. I refer kids to attend Del Norte high school. This high school has opened many doors for me to seek my future job career.
I didn't like, the level is low. I was in another high school and decided to transfer. In my last school I was an average student and when I arrived at this high school I was in honors class. Moreover, in summer school is full. The quality of people who comes is also not so good. So many cholos.
Del Norte is a wonderful school, with great spirit. The staff and teachers are understanding and helpful. Although Del Norte gets a bad wrap I would not have wanted to spend my four years anywhere else.
Not a high school where one can live the "high school dream" as portrayed by the movies. But definitely a place where you will feel isolated and alone if you do not share common interest or background with students. As well as the teachers, one would think that a teacher and a classroom would be found to be that of a sanctuary, a safe place, for a student. But if the teacher's favorite student does not find you to be "likable", the teacher will also not find you likable. And if throughout the years you find a way to surpass yourself in the outside world, getting a job, where you have to be well-dressed. They will find you to be "cocky", "stuck-up", and "full of yourself". Been to three high schools, and have never felt so isolated.
I like that Del Norte is a diverse school that it has many many students from different parts of the world that speak different languages and that have different cultures.
The school has no spirit and the “assemblies” are so boring they don’t set up decorations and the staff obviously aren’t happy with their jobs.
My experience at Del Norte High School has been very positive. They have showed me a lot of care throughout my four years in high school, preparing me for college and life in general. One thing I would like see change is the school spirit. There are many people in the school who has a lot of school spirit and participates in everything but there's still some who doesn't, which makes it very discouraging to see.
Del Norte High School was a great place to go to school. The environment was warm and welcoming. the teachers are extremely helpful and seem to care. the administration tries to included all sports and teams. everyone involved in the school is very nice and helpful.
I like that there are so many groups and organizations for everyone. I would like to see less fights though that is not the school it’s more of the immature students within the school. Overall I think Del Norte is a great school and I hope to see some changes within different things these next years.
I am a senior at Del Norte high school, and have attended there the past 4 years. I have had many ups and downs at del Norte from unfair sport coaches to having a substitute for a whole year. I have had many great experiences as well as not so great experiences. The best one was definitely being able to be apart of a team. I was a cheerleader my 9th and 10th grade year but due to some inexperienced coach I am no longer cheering. The education could be better. Teachers tend to quit often and the staff has to find someone to replace them with. I have had a sub for my entire year of algebra 1 and precalc and it’s not fair to me that I have to learn from someone who is still learning themselves.
Location wise, Del Norte has the best. Once you step outside the school, food places and stores are in walking distance, no longer than 10 minutes. The diversity is excellent. The school spirit does need to be improved with a much younger principle that can adjust to student life. Sports are amazing with volleyball, boys basketball, wrestling, and football being the jewels.
I think del norte is an amazing school and would highly recommend the school to anyone. The staff is very friendly and supportive. The school also offers a lot of after school things from football to JROTC and speech and debate to student created clubs.
I liked that the teachers were very involved they wanted to get to know every single student and what we wanted out of them.They have pacients with us all and wanted all of us to succeed.
Del Norte is an average school. It has some AP and dual credit courses , not as much as some other schools like Atrisco Heritage. There are clubs for hobby-based opportunities. The faculty and staff are amiable people if you interact with them. The graduation rate is nearly 50% of the graduating class.
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I transferred in my senior year and the school was surprisingly nice. The class rooms and buildings were just remodeled so it looked really nice when I attended there. Also the teachers were very knowledgeable but pretty lenient academic wise. It was not exactly really challenging. The faculty that worked in the administration part of the school was unusually rude for whatever reason whenever I needed to go down there for something. But my overall experience was good there with the students and teachers.
Del Norte High School is a good school. Many supporters are there. They have a great spirit, as well.
The school never gave me any particular problem. There's a convenient overpass for crossing the street. We I think we have the smallest population in APS.
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