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Del Mar High School Reviews

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It is a really good school with really great college IB classes and as well a great AVID program, however, has poor involvement is certain sports and is unwillingly to fundraise for them.
Some teaching staff are very good in their fields, while others are not competent enough to help students learn.
I liked how diverse Del Mar was. So many different students, and the faculty was diverse as well. I had a good experience with faculty, especially my AVID teacher. She really cared about the students and helping us get into college.
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Del Mar has the best IB program and the most amazing teachers! It is a diverse campus that is truly accepting of everyone. I've have had such a great experience here and I'm glad to keep it going as my brother attends soon.
I love Del Mar High School because the teachers and the academics offered are incredible. The staff at Del Mar truly care about their students, and there are a plethora of challenging courses offered to the students who want to challenge themselves. I have learned so much about how to learn from Del Mar, things that goes far beyond theory.
I would like to see growth in the way that they do put into place their classes and programs. I would also like to see them better prepared to guide students to their futures, such as by knowing all of the information regarding the ib diploma before offering it. However, it was a good school in that it has awesome teachers who are very well qualified for their jobs, supportive staff, and great diversity.
I like that the teachers go beyond their own duties, to have homework study before school and after school some of them even have study hall on a Saturday. It's very important that every student uses the resources that are available to them
The teachers are great, they help you with many things. We have the IB program. Their classes are about an hour and a half. We have A and B days with periods 1,2, and 3 on A days and 5,6, and 7 on B days.
Del Mar was a good school for me. The teachers were good and they worked with me when I was struggling.
Well, I'm a freshman at Del Mar high school and overall Del Mar has changed my life. The reason for this is because I met so many amazing people from my classes, clubs, and sports. My teachers are an amazing help, whenever I need help with classwork or just anything that I'm struggling with in life, the first thing I always do is talk with my teachers. The classes in general are just like any other classes you can possibly think anywhere else. A lot of people at Del Mar obviously has different opinions about this school, it just depends on who you are and whether if you want to be successful in life.
My experience was good everyone was kind and help me find my classes if i did not know where they where. The first day was a calm and every thing went great .
Delmar high school have a friendly environment and have a good Adcadamic like having an AP and IB program.
I am a student at Del Mar at first I was scared but than I got use to the people at the school. The fun thing at that school it the rotc class is fun and the sports they have are fun to play
It's really amazing, the staff there are very friendly, the students work very hard and it's an amazing experience!
Here at Delmar Highschool, the teachers are very kind and sincerely care about your well being but the students can be... well you know.. teenagers. Work is challenging but teachers are always there to help you if you need it. I also love how diverse it is, which makes it very welcoming. I would love to see students try to spread more positivity especially since itś a lot harder when school is somewhere not everyone would like to be.
Great school, excellent teachers, and friendly environment. The teachers are very helpful and motivate students to their best. The sports teams are great and everyone is part of the community. Everyone is nice to each other and respects each other equally, regardless of race or looks. Students learn a lot in class, while also having fun. Rallies bring students and teachers together making the school a better place. Students bring their classmates up when they are down.
Great school! Del Mar has such a diverse group of students, which makes it great for incoming students to explore new settings and environment. Classes are great, typically classes don't exceed 30 students, and in my experience it helped create more intimicacy between student and teacher for better help and guidance.
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Honestly it exceeded my expectations in all categorys, the social studies teachers have been so supportive and good to me. The classes were tough but they weren't impossible, and the enviornment I was in truely changed my life as I met some of the nicest and brightest people in my life and the group of frienss I made are people who will always be in my life.
I've gotten an amazing experience here. The International Baccalaureate Program here is amazing, and has provided a great challenge for me. I've been able to make diverse friends, and to learn about people and cultures I wouldn't have learned about otherwise.
The academics are lacking as is full teacher involvment. The teachers that are involved all teach the extracurricular activities. It would have been nice for my academics teachers to take an interest in my learning. also, I was never once advised about college readiness. The college readiness advising is completely inadequate. Also, I never ate. You have to pay for lunch and I didnt have parents. Iwas living on my own and that made high school my only source of guidence. it was not given very well.
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