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All the teachers motivate you to do your very best and never let you do the bare minimum of your ability. They encourage you and always try to understand everyone’s way to learn.
My favorite experience at this school is getting involved in sports and clubs because along the way they have taught me much. In been part of a team at to have leadership skills.
In the school caferia there are no many variety of options to choose from. Many of the food that is provided it came in bags that could be heat up like taco bakets, pizza, eggrolle, hotdogsand hamburgers. This means that is rare to see fresh food been surve in the cafeteria.
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The school administration are really strict in school policy for example in my school policy is not to wear hats or dress in inappropriate colors like blue and red that could mean gang colors and also attendances is the most important one that effects everyone because many students are affected by this when they try to attend school dances.
The students at my school theg get involved in many kinds od sports like soccer, tennis,badminton,football softball,baceball and truck and field. This are the sports that ars the most common in my school also for most students is helpful for them to participate in sports because they do better academically at school.Finally each seasonal sport has the equipment need it as well as the people who support them throughout the season.
The teachers at my school are really nice and friendly. They help students to understand the material pretty well, many of my teachers have stayed after school for those students that need help with their homework or study for a test. The gradeting system of all the teachers are not the same many of them expect higher standards from their students than other teachers do. For example English, history and math are the three subjects that teachers have a higher standards on.
In my school their are many clubs that students would get involved. I personally have been involved in 2 wich areJuventud Latina and Leo's Club. This clubs have made a difference in the community as well at school because their goal is to make a difference in the community bu doing community service.
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