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Del E. Webb Middle School Reviews

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I love this school I have so many friends there and everyone is nice. Sadly I might move to California soon if you get to go there you are so luck I love all my teachers and everyone is friendly
Del Webb provides a great education for the average middle school public student, with average facilities and decent resources. It would be nice if Del Webb had better cafeteria food and teacher-student relations.
I really enjoyed my middle school. It is the only middle school in Clark County that had Forensic Science, and oh boy did I love that class. I’m in highschool now, and about to take Forensics, so this should give me a good head start. Most of the teachers are very stern but understanding ad the same time. They taught me the less you procrastinate, the better. English was one class I always struggled with, but my 6th grade teacher really took the time and one on ome help to show me how to do it. Now I am an A/B honor roll student looking to get straight A’s. Thanks Del Webb, you guys did a lot for me!
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it's a great school, except for the fact that they don't let you take health and PE over the summer, not even for religious reasons. And the principal doesn't like me much, but all the teachers are great
Not a lot of options and those that exist favor sports or student council. Nothing in between.
Very few teachers cared to create an effective and comfortable learning environment. The majority of the teachers are too strict, unavailable, condescending, unwilling to help, stubborn, and treat favorite students better than others. Those that care about students and put in effort to reach out to everyone stood far above the rest.
There are only few that are amazing at teaching.
There have been numerous lockdowns during my time there.
No one really participates in them.
I learned a lot from my math and geography teachers.
I hated my years there.
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