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The classes offered are given at the levels at which the students pick would be at their level of learning. The curriculum of the main academics (math, science, English) all follow a steady flow of learning the material that allows the students to have time to study on their own to prepare for tests, big assignments or projects, and quizzes. The workload is hardly anything to complain amount, and rarely causes students stress (as long as they don't blow it off!)
In general, the school puts in a more than average effort to end all violent cases and situations occurring around the school throughout the entire year. The school wants to make sure all students feel comfortable and offer counseling and meetings with teachers and principals to end any social problems that are distracting or disturbing a troubled student. Afterwards, the student feels relaxed and the teachers talk more freely with them to make sure they are feeling safe. In any case where there is a potential threat to the safety of the students, the staff have evacuation plans and emergency drills to ensure the safest outcome possible.
Overall, there are many after-school programs that offer students to expand their interests and try new things. There is French club, the Academic Bowl, the music program, the MESA sciene robotics team, concert and show choir, art, three levels of dance ensemble, ASB, yearbook and CJSF. Some are participated more than others, depending on the level of intensity and academics involved.
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In my three years at Del Dios, I feel like I learned so much about all the subjects that I wanted to pursue in a deeper manner in high school. Personally, the science and performing arts departments of the school are what make it stand out from the rest of the middle schools and really prepare us for looking into college and future career choices. If I could, I would probably go to this school because the inviting environment of the students, teachers, staff really add a positive outlook on what the school has to offer.
The teachers at Del Dios Middle School are very engaging and fun and all the students love to come back and say hello once in a while like me. Their efforts to approach the students and offering assistance never disappoints and they are always trying to make us laugh. They also are constantly trying to get all students involved with the STEM or VAPA programs offered by the school and in doing so make learning all the more interesting. They're manner of explaining a complicated lesson is often broken down into simpler steps to help the students understand and fully comprehend their teaching. All the students love talking to their teachers as friends after class making stronger bonds between the teachers and the kids.
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