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My experience at Del City High was an amazing one. Del City High not only help me grow as a student but as person. They teach you not only the things that they have to but things that will make you become a better you. And a good majority of the time math, science, and history and so on can't help you with that. Something that I wish I could change about Del City High School is the lunch food. I wish we had more options with our lunch food. Del City High School being a diverse School there should be more culture.
Del city high school teachers made it great! The faculty really cared for the students and their academics. I loved my counselor, Ms.Ahmed! She took out extra time to make sure I stayed on track.
Best from start to finish! Had the best time even though the exams was tough but they helped me push through.
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The thing i love most about Del city is the involvement. When you join that club like choir , leadership etc you really feel like your in a family quickly. The thing that i wish would change is how much some kids dont get involved, high school will be one of my most memorable years. I feel everyone should get involved and not everyone does.
Del City is very diverse as well as welcoming! I trust my teachers and believe that we are the best around.
Del city high school is very diverse and has some amazing teachers! There are some that may be difficult but for the most part if you are involved then it’s an amazing experience!
The teachers are amazing as well as the staff. The students aren't the best. They're very rude and disrespectful although there are those few students that are completely wonderful and do great in school.
I enjoyed going to school there it was a good experience, I would like to see more updated resources. The books are very old due to budget cuts in Oklahoma but I feel like the school tries as hard as they can to have good books for us .
I graduated from here in 2017 when i was attending there wasn't very much to offer but now everthing has changed
Del City High School has some really great teachers, but it also has very bad teachers. The ones who are good know what they're doing and do their best to make our education the best it can be. The poor teachers don't know how to teach their students and usually don't even try to teach them. The AP classes overall are great, with a few bad teachers. The food is pretty bad, and the bathrooms could be better. Overall, not a great school, just okay.
The culture and administration. Del City has help shape my education and mold me into the person I an today. The teachers and counselors truly care about the students and the quality of education provided. I have developed some long lasting friendships and will continue to build.
While attending Del City High School, I noticed that it was much of a melting pot. So many different cultures and races mixed in to one. That itself gave Del City such a welcoming environment that I loved from the start. The one thing I would hope to change is the stereotype that Del City is "ghetto" or "hood".
Del City high school has a pretty great learning environment. Most of the teachers are very pleasant and teach well. There are a few teachers that go above and beyond. Although we have the security vestibule, I still do not think that the school is totally safe from intruders, as the doors across the band room are always unlocked. Plus, the police officers mainly stay in the front office and the commons. It would be better if they walked around the school at all times, and were in the commons AND the hallways during lunch.
Del City High School has undergone a transformation during my time as a high school student.

Its diversity is among the many great aspects of this school. Students here are sure to meet new and interesting people. Also, our athletes are known for being high achievers and displaying outstanding sportsmanship. Teachers here are also respectable and Pre-AP/AP instructors are qualified in their work. The AP teachers that I have had have enabled me to pass four AP exams. Although the reward grants from days' past have gone, the passion to teach has not.

The activities at this school are highly engaging. Del City has a well renowned Student Council and leadership program. We also have a National Honor Society and Key Club. When I was a freshmen, we hosted the Student Council State Convention, and when I was a junior, we hosted the National Honor Society State Convention. These clubs have helped tremendously in and beyond the Del City community.
My overall experience at Del city was great. Getting involved makes the experience so much better, then not being in any club at all. I was involved in Student Council, National Honor Society, Leadership, and i also did sports. I like how theres something for every personality, weather you like anime, drawing, band, or stomp we have a club for it! If there isn't a club to fit a personality, all you have to do is go to the principle to get it approved and find a sponsor, its that easy! I also like how the teachers a caring. When you find an adult you can trust and talk to when things get stressful it really helps. Del city high school is a great school and im glad i was able to spend my 4 years of high school there!
Del City High School was a great school for resources, the staff was always there for you and allowed a homely experience.
Everything about Del City, has shaped me into the wonderful young woman I am today. The teachers truly care about the students here. You won’t find another school with as much love like DC. There are a lot of opportunities here, and a lot of great relations you will build.
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my time at del city was some of the best 4 year I have had. You was involved in so many this. I was in leadership, student council, contest choir, show choir, WOW (woman of worth), Track, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. I am a strong believer in you have to get involved to have a great high school experiences. if you just come to school and go to class of course you are going to be bored. Del city had so much to offer. Student council was one of the best thing to happen to me during my high school time. you will make so many friendships and meet so many different people. Del City High School has some of the best staff I have even been around I was so lucky to have great educators in my life.
I have attended Del City High School for three years and currently starting my senior year. This School takes great pride in where we are located and everyone in the community is very supportive . The staff and students have great relationships . Our teachers work extremely hard to make sure you graduate. Del City High has great "Eagle Pride" in all of the organizations,and athletics. My School Teaches students that its not always about winning an event , but winning in life. Once An Eagle , Always an Eagle!
Del City was awesome! I miss it all the time. The teacher's care about you and your future both educationally and personally. I had a rough life outside of school but once I walked into those doors, was a whole new world! Even subject's I was absolutely terrible at, became some of my favorite classes because my teacher's taught me in ways that made it stick made me want to learn.
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